Friday, 31 January 2014


January. January is all about new starts right? It's full of hope, determination and the dilemma of deciding when it is acceptable to be seen eating a Creame Egg. Hands up, who's already succumbed to that piece of spring sickliness? Shockingly not me. I know right?!

On NYE, like most human beings I made a few life goals, and if you've got a memory like mine, a quick tap here will refresh it. Side thought, do Aliens make New Year's Resolutions? What year are they even on? Mind. Blown. Anyway, the more observant of you will notice something new. Nope, not a well written post. Have a look around your screen. A new layout! Rather swish don't you think?! One of my goals was to stop settling for good and aim for great with the things I love the most. Like most bloggers, I will quite happily admit that my blog is my baby. Over the last few months of 2013 I changed a hell of a lot and my blog no longer reflected who I was anymore. Sorry to disappoint you but nothing majorly life affirming happened, I just suddenly woke up out of my semi-dormant state and decided I needed to get my act together. Seeing as this is supposed to be my personal cubbyhole in cyber-space, I'd like it to be at least some-what similar to who I am. Well thanks to the wonderfully talented Amy from Little Koala Design, I have the blog of my dreams. 

Other news from this month. Well I've actually stuck to most of my resolutions. Well almost. I haven't really curbed my spending. It's not got worse, but it's not better either. I have a lovely month of exams in February so I'm going to hopefully use that and attempt to get my act together. Either that or asked to be banned from the high street. And online stores. January for me is always a bit of a hectic one and mine are usually stressful. I feel like I haven't had five minutes and I've had that much going on at Uni it's flown by. Talking of flying, by the sound of the wind outside, there's going to be a Good (I hope) Witch of the North in a minute. And with that I just need to slip on some blindingly sparkley shoes. Who said that Sale *ahem* necessity wouldn't come in handy! 

Things I've learned this month:

  1. It is actually possible to miss hearing Micheal Buble on repeat. A New low has been reached.
  2. Jasmine Thompson can make anything sound like the most heartfelt serenade.
  3. The day is what you make of it. A bad morning doesn't mean you won't get a giggling fit in the afternoon.
  4. The opportunities are there if you look for them. If you don't ask,you don't get.
  5. If you make an effort, you can do something every day. I've done a month in my Line a Day Diary. Definitely exceeds my expectations.
  6. The films that start the weirdest can sometimes be the best. Knowing should be on your movie night list.
Did you have a Jolly January?



  1. Your blog looks gorgeous and I need this % year memory book!

    Anoushka xxx

    1. Aww thank you :D The diary is so good! I can't wait for next year so I can compare and see how my life has changed.


  2. Yes I like the makeover - simple but pretty xXxx


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