Friday, 28 February 2014


February has been a roller coaster. When I say roller coaster, I don't mean the type you get at Disney with flying elephants and sweet brainwashing songs are on repeat. No, I'm talking about sudden drops, upside down, travelling at the speed of light, only to then suddenly stop kind of roller coaster.

This month I've gone from just dealing with uni work, to suddenly having lots of blogger events, interviews, and now exams to juggle. With half of my exams 4 1/2 hours (with no break), coming home to tackle my other commitments is tiring stuff. Needless to say I'm absolutely exhausted. I have one more week left of mayhem and then I think I'm going to treat myself to a little rest. Although tiring, I have been extremely lucky. I went to the Country Attire event, Manchester Bloggers Meet-Up and the Fresh laces x Harvey Nichols event and met some lovely local bloggers. That's one of the things I adore about blogging, you get opportunities, meeting people, brands and just new experiences, that you wouldn't normally do. If you didn't catch my new year post back in January, you'll know that I wanted to grab every opportunity, and this month I really have. I've said yes to things I would usually back out of, or tell myself I didn't have time for, and it really has been good for me. Hopefully by saying yes more often, this year will be amazing.

Things I've learn't this month:

  1. Sometimes you actually do need to read a manual rather than trying to just work it out as you go along. If your camera suddenly shows up that your SD card is locked, there's a switch on your SD card that you just flick. The simple things are the hardest to spot.
  2. My brain works in logic. Magic performed in front of my eyes confuses me. Ronismagic is a master at confusing me.
  3. I need to explore my home city more and try new places. Exhibit A: Almost Famous. Without Amy, Fran and Cat, I would have never gone there and experienced the delicious food coma that followed.
  4. Putting in extra work when the pressure is off means less stress when the pressure is on. Because I kept detailed notes throughout my uni course, now I'm into exams my life is a lot easier than what it could have been.
  5. Anything that makes me gasp when I'm half asleep is a good read. If you've not read Gone Girl, you need to. 


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  1. I love your list of things you've learnt and the say 'yes' attitude, whatever it leads to.


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