The Party’s Over

Judging by the cyber tears on twitter I’m guessing everyone is feeling the January Blues; I know I am. Taking down Christmas decorations must be the single most depressing thing about Winter. That amount of joy and sparkle is not meant to be stuffed in a box to be placed out of sight and mind in the loft for 11 months. It’s just wrong. With my obvious Christmas withdrawal going quite badly, I need some TLC now more than ever to get the 2014 show safely on the road and get back into the swing on my normal routine. Of course being a beauty junkie, I head straight to my stash …

Too many late nights, too much bad food and too much fun have lead to my skin becoming dull and quite frankly traumatised. Go hard or go home is only great for so long before your skin has a breakdown, or breaks out. Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash(*) is perfect for scrubbing away everything you’d wish was left behind in 2014. It smells sweet like Mandarins and helps to stimulate your skin and get your glow back. Once your pores are open, draw out all the gunk clogging your skin with the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. Although the marzipan scent is a love/hate affair, it works like a treat, gently warming up on contact with your skin to give you a deep cleanse. One area of skin most people forget to pay special attention to are you hands. They suffer the harshest climates yet don’t get any of the care. I use balance Me Super moisturising hand cream(*) at night to keep the soft and prevent the skin from being damaged.

When your hair has seen extreme backcombing and has a product overdose, you need to use Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Treatment(*). Aimed to repairing and moisturise hair after too much styling, a 50p sized amount of this treatment before shampooing your hair will inject shine and bounce for healthy looking locks. 

Whilst I’ve been off University and work I’ve been loving watching late night films. But with all these late nights I’ve been having lovely lie-ins and my body clock has slowly become warped. Trying to get back into a routine the last couple of days has been tricky so I’ve relied on a small handful of the Himalayan Detox Salts by Therapie(*) to cure my insomnia. Said to re-balance energy flows and even absord radiation from computer and mobile phone use(!), these salts instantly relaxed me after a 20 minute soak, giving me the most peaceful sleep I’ve had in a long time. 

After all this pampering, I’m ready to start back at University. January is such a stressful month for me at University with lots of assessments and prep work to be done. Now more than ever, you should make sure you take time to look after yourself and relax. Have you got any hero products that might help me?