Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sales Haul Part 2 || Lush

I love Lush. My nose is treated to one Lush bath product every week as a little reward. You may have seen that in October I had my bathroom re-done (click here) and I now have the biggest bath I've ever had the pleasure of relaxing in. Rather than buying me a Lush gift set full price, my parents gave me money towards the sale so I could get more for the money, and I'd saved up a little too. This year the Lush sale was absolutely amazing and they were selling all their Christmas (and some non-Christmas) goodies half price so I had to have a major splash out and stock up. I was so impressed the site didn't crash like it has done in previous years, and the range of product was 100% better than last year. Its great to see a company listening to feedback from their customers. Excuse the plastic wrappings still on in the photographs, my bounty is going to be kept in a box whilst I slowly make my merry way through them. Needless to say my relaxing baths are in no danger of stopping anytime soon.

My order was:
1 x 250g Tea Tree Toner Water
2 x 100g Smaragadine Retro Bubble Bath
1 x 250g Snow Fairy Shower Gel
1 x The Christmas Penguin
2 x Magic Wand Bubble Bar
1 x Melting Snowman
3 x Secret Santa Ballistic
2 x Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
1 x Star Light, Star Bright
1 x Shoot for the Stars Ballistic
1 x Snowman
1 x So White Bath Bomb
1 x Pumpkin
2 x Ma Bar Bubble Bar
2 x Fizzy O'Therapy Retro Bath Bomb
2 x Haagenbath
Total: An absolutely amazing £50

I'm a complete Lush addict and would love to know what your favorite product is!



  1. My favourite is the shoot for the stars Bath bomb I love the dark blue with glitter so relaxing. You did very well

    Carrieanne xx

  2. Its so much more sensible to wait for the sales, if you can wait that is!!
    Lizzy | elizabethsophiee x

  3. I love lush too!! You have indulged alot and I love your new bathroom its very stylish. You really know how to treat yourself well. Love this post! :) xx

  4. Oh my goodness you got some amazing things :) I love Snow Fairy - stocked up on it so I have some throughout the year! x


  5. Wow, great selection, I want a Lush-y bath now!


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