Sales Haul Part 2 || Lush

I love Lush. My nose is treated to one Lush bath product every week as a little reward. You may have seen that in October I had my bathroom re-done (click here) and I now have the biggest bath I’ve ever had the pleasure of relaxing in. Rather than buying me a Lush gift set full price, my parents gave me money towards the sale so I could get more for the money, and I’d saved up a little too. This year the Lush sale was absolutely amazing and they were selling all their Christmas (and some non-Christmas) goodies half price so I had to have a major splash out and stock up. I was so impressed the site didn’t crash like it has done in previous years, and the range of product was 100% better than last year. Its great to see a company listening to feedback from their customers. Excuse the plastic wrappings still on in the photographs, my bounty is going to be kept in a box whilst I slowly make my merry way through them. Needless to say my relaxing baths are in no danger of stopping anytime soon.

My order was:

1 x 250g Tea Tree Toner Water

2 x 100g Smaragadine Retro Bubble Bath

1 x 250g Snow Fairy Shower Gel

1 x The Christmas Penguin

2 x Magic Wand Bubble Bar

1 x Melting Snowman

3 x Secret Santa Ballistic

2 x Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

1 x Star Light, Star Bright

1 x Shoot for the Stars Ballistic

1 x Snowman

1 x So White Bath Bomb

1 x Pumpkin

2 x Ma Bar Bubble Bar

2 x Fizzy O’Therapy Retro Bath Bomb

2 x Haagenbath

Total: An absolutely amazing £50

I’m a complete Lush addict and would love to know what your favorite product is!