Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini

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Alternative titles for this post: What one girl will do for a bag; Desperate Bag Lady. This was my Christmas present from my parents. I’ve been looking for a smallish black body bag for a long time, and then I saw this and fell in love. My mum and dad said it could be my Christmas present straight away but didn’t go to order it for a couple of weeks from Selfridges. That’s when the issues started. The amount of work I put in to actually get this was ridiculous. 

When I went to order it, it was added to my basket as normal, but then wouldn’t let me check out. Because it was sold out. I then decided to phone up Selfridges in Manchester and see if I could picked one up but they don’t sell Rebecca Minkoff up here. I then got diverted to London and they said they would not be getting anymore in. I was still calm at this point. I went onto the Rebecca Minkoff website, but they didn’t have this design available and this was my favorite. Any other just didn’t seem just right. I then began to search the internet. I attempted to ship it from America, but when I went to checkout they wouldn’t let me ship it. I found one other store that sold this design and would ship to the UK but it was £100 more and I didn’t want my parents to pay that for a Christmas present. I then decided to try one more time on the Selfridges website. Just once more for luck. And suddenly one became available. Someone must have added it to there basket and timed out. Well I think I checked out in under a minute. Even when the confirmation was e-mailed I couldn’t believe it until I had it. It was the last one. Since then Selfridges have stopped selling it.

And then more problems happened. It didn’t arrive when it said it would. Two weeks passed and I was having a slight panic attack. Its a lot of money NOT to arrive, especially when you have tried so hard to get hold of it. Then randomly one night the door bell went. Apparently someone delivered it to a neighbor even though we were in and hadn’t pushed a card through our door to let us know where it was. To add to the confusion we were having our path paved at the time so the cars weren’t on the drive, making the neighbor think we were away. I have never been more relieved to receive a parcel in all my life. 

Now that I have it, I can’t stop looking at it. The smell of the leather. How amazingly soft it is. How practical it is. How much stuff it will go with. Its exactly what I wanted. The inside is ideal if your bag eats your belongings. There’s two main compartments, a zip pocket and a mobile phone pocket plus an additional section on the outside of the bag. Its an organised persons dream encased in a butter-soft black leather body bag. I thought the catch might annoy me, but its not a problem at all. It just ticks all the boxes for me. Can you tell I’m a little bit smitten?

Have you got anything from Rebecca Minkoff? How far would you go to get something you’d fallen in love with?