My 2013 Favourites || ETC

So this is the last of my 2013 favorites and its a collection of random beauty favorites. I think its no secret that I’m a complete fan girl of Blanx White Shock(*) (click here for full review). Its the only whitening toothpaste that has worked for me, and actually helps my sensitive teeth! Another miracle find is the St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse(*) (click here for full review). I like a really natural looking fake tan, but because I’m pale, its practically impossible to find a good match. I was kindly sent St Tropez’s Gradual Tan, and its honestly changed my view on fake tan for the better. I’ve already mentioned Derma V10 in my skincare favorites and their Chocolate Body Butter(*) is the only body butter (see full review here) I have used consistently. It smells divine and is so cheap, definitely worth trying! Talking about amazing scents, this Anne Semonin Shower Gel(*) (click here for full review) is like liquid sherbet lemons! Lastly I have loved using this Boots Foot Scrub. Sadly I think its been discontinued, but it’s very similar to this Sanctuary one, and really helps to get your feet smooth and soft.

I don’t think I could ever be without my H. Gillerman Sinus Remedy that I discovered this year after a impulse buy from Liberty. I’m allergic to tree spores so I get really bad hay-fever symptoms in Spring and Autumn and to top it off, I have bad sinus’ so I suffer in winter from colds. This has saved my life this winter and is worth its weight in gold. Another thing I can’t live without is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (click here to see a full review). Its a lavender spray that you use on your pillow and is great if your mind goes into overdrive the moment you want to sleep. Finally my last favorite of 2013 is the milk_shake whipped cream (*) (click here for full review). If you need a light-weight product to hep tame your locks this is it. A lot of leave-in products make my hair greasy virtually straight-away but this has the complete opposite effect. The fact that this smells like the most delicious milkshake is just a plus!

So those are all my 2013 favorites. If you missed the previous two (make-up & nails, and skincare) make sure you check them out. Whats products did you swear by? Do you love any of the ones I mentioned?