Lush Camo Scarf

Camo Scarf – £24.99

Does anyone else tend to buy things in phases? One month you’ll be obsessed with shoes but then won’t buy any for an absolute age? I have no idea what’s going on with me but I simply cannot get enough accessories at the moment. I suppose that’s not a dreadful thing though as it really does help to maximize your wardrobe and add the finishing touches to any outfit. I’m not trying to convince myself at all …

I wanted this scarf before Christmas but it was sold out so I put aside some money and waited (not so) patiently for it to come back in stock. Not to be confused with the beauty brand, Lush Scarves is a relatively new site specialising in the most amazing scarfs. They have actually collaborated with Look Magazine, which is a favorite of mine (proud subscriber) and have a range of 6 scarfs as well as other ranges covering designer, brocade, classic and embroidery. There is definitely something to suit everyone. 

I just want to note how good the packaging is for your order. I just expected the usual plastic bag like you would get from other clothes stores, but with Lush you actually get a huge box with flower petals in. This was the standard delivery. I can’t think of anywhere else that would go to this much effort, and it really made me feel like I was getting something special.

The scarf itself is huge. I’ve never owned or even seen a scarf so big before, and for those of you interested in the actual measurements, its 45″ by 70″.  Its ridiculously smooth and soft, and just feels like such a high quality product. Being quite a girly girl, and with a more classic style, camo print has never been on my radar (apart form the odd fancy dress) but I think adding a scarf is the perfect way to try something new whilst keeping to my style. 

Have you had a look at Lush Scarves? How do you incorporate new things into your style?