Friday, 18 January 2013

Dermalogica daily microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant(*)

I used to find skincare a bit boring, not really understanding it, and just thinking a cleanser was a cleanser, but since summer I've really gotten into it. Like most people, beauty boxes have really helped me try some products and brands which I wouldn't have left to my own devices. I've heard so many rave reviews about Dermalogica so when a sample came in a Glossy Box I was pretty chuffed. The concept is something a bit new to me. As an exfoliant I've never tried a rice version but I can see how it would work with the texture. Packaging wise, the top makes it quite difficult to work out how much product to use, and depending how you tip it you can get loads, leading to potential waste. Product wise, it does work really well, it lathers up nicely and is pretty gentle. However, I have used better exfoliants that are cheaper. There is nothing wrong with this product, in fact, I think its great!  Its just some drug store exfoliants I've tried are more abrasive and work faster. I do think this would be good if you have relatively sensitive skin, or not into intensive exfoliants, but it did nothing special on my skin. This sample size is about 1/7 of the size of the full size, and seeing as this has lasted me just over a month, and I still have some left, you do get a lot of product. It's just not the best exfoliant ever for me, so I'm not forking out nearly £30, when I can get something that works better on my skin.

You can get a big bottle of this and two free samples for £29.60 from Beauty Flash

Have you tried any Dermalogica products?

Friday, 11 January 2013

This Works Deep Sleep

I got all three of these products knowing full well how much I stress during exams, and that it does sometimes affect my sleep. Using a combination of all three has really helped me stay nice and calm.

If you haven't used This Works before, its ethos is modern natural beauty and have a vast range of products. These all have roughly the same scent, with the actual combination slightly different to change the effect, but think lavender and you will get the general idea.

The Deep Sleep Stress Less (RRP £12) is a roller ball aimed at calming you down when everything gets a little too much. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (RRP £15) is my favourite out of all three, and really relaxes me. Combined with the Deep Sleep Shower Gel (RRP £15) & I've had better sleep than I've ever had. I'd recommend these products if your an over-thinker like me, suffer from jet-lag, or just a bit stressed.

I'm not sure if its the product that actually works, or that it psychological in that the frame of mind it puts you in is to expect to be calm, but either way they all do what the say on the bottles. I know you can get some gift sets with miniatures of some of the products in the range, and their is an even bigger selection of products than I have if your looking to have a try. I got mine from Boots (they often have offers on!) and ASOS, but you can also get them off their website, with the full range on their too!

Have you tried any of these products, or anything else from the range?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How To ... cope with exam stress.

Firstly, before I get into this, I know its yet another post focused on university/college A-levels/GCSE's etc., but everything could definitely be applied to work. Lets be honest, life in general is a giant test and very stressful (oohh how philosophical ;) ) Right into the post.

I've just done my first 3rd exam, and got a bit of stress anxiety thing relating to law exams. So waheyyy. Now I'm actually pretty intelligent if you look at my CV haha, but when it comes to exams I panic, and then don't do as well as I know I can, so this is something I'm definitely working on. I know its a tough fortnight for everyone, so I thought I'd share what I've done this time around. Hopefully it will help someone :)

  1. Easy said now, so this might be not helpful for these exams. But make some brief notes. 2 sides of A4 for each topic max. For law I pop all the key case names on, all the principles, and it makes just brushing through topics so much easier, and its shocking how much you remember from lectures this way. This is actually also really helpful for tutorials, so maybe worth starting it right through the semester.
  2. Treat exams like a tutorial. This is a little trick of mine I've only just worked out and put into practise. I do really well in tutorials, I'm the girl who knows all the cases, the arguments and can apply them without blinking. But put the word exam on the paper instead of tutorial and I freak. I will seriously have a panic attack in the exam it is that bad. So to combat this I treat the entire day like a tutorial. I watch my favourite shows, I put a face mask on, do my nails, my make-up just like I would for a tutorial. I even make sure I dress nicely. I did this for the first time yesterday, and wow, it really calmed my nerves down. Scarily. My friends though there was something wrong with me I was that chilled. But I think, and hope, that I performed well in the exam. I mean I didn't have a total stress, so I was able to read the question properly, always a good thing.
  3. Relax. My mum said to me on Sunday night, "Make sure you breathe in the exam, because its a long time to go without air." I laughed, and that was her point. But then I stopped and thought about it, and she's right that when you relax and take a moment, you think better. So now when I'm revising, after every hour, I get up and have a dance to Call Me Maybe and another feel good song that reminds me of getting ready to go out. I limit myself to 15 minutes and then get back onto it. And its surprising how much its helped. I've not dreaded revising, because I know it, and I've got some sneaky exercise in. So my advice is  do something you love for 15 minutes every hour away from reading and work, and you will feel a lot calmer.
  4. Be realistic. This was hard for me. I'm a perfectionist so being realistic is not my strong point if it means things aren't just so. However, I've been strict, and its helped. For example, yesterday my exam had two unseen questions, on a possible of two topics. As at my uni they cant put two questions on the same topic, logically one must be on each. So I revised one. There is no point in revising both, not as in detail, when you are certain of the topic, because you just wont remember half the stuff. Similarly, instead of trying to remember every single case, I'm remembering the key cases. The ones I will remember and I know I will use. If your not going to use it, its pointless for an exam. 
  5. Show Off. I like treating exams not as tests of my knowledge, but showing off actually how much I do know. You will know far more than you think. If you think of it like that, its far more positive, focus on what you do know rather than what you don't. If its an essay question, you can always twist them to your advantage, and your going to get more marks if you show what you do know than spending half the exam trying to hide that you fell asleep in that one lecture.
  6. Write a little before you get into the exam. I was told this by my Dyslexia Support, and it works. You wouldn't play a big match in any sport with streching, you just wont perform well. The same applies to writing. If you don't write something all day, then suddenly go into the exam, you will be slower than if you wrote out your shopping list before you came to the exam.
So those are my 6 top tips. Anyone else have any useful advice? I hope the ones I've said have helped.

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