St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse

A very exciting e-mail popped into my inbox a while ago. I’ve been handpicked for the St Tropez Blogger Beauty Panel. As someone with a very fair skin tone, this is only a good thing, the market needs to widen it’s shade range and the best way to do this is by testing products. Saying that, I actually think St Tropez may have got fake tan for fair skin down to a tea with this product.

The product I was given to try was the gradual tan mousse(*) which on daily application for a couple of days is supposed to give a sun-kissed glow, something that I think the vast majority of us aspire to have all year round. The packaging is classic St Tropez, sleek and simple with a practical pump, massive thumbs up from me. It really does help application to be quick and mess-free. One pump produces enough ultra-light-weight foam for half a leg, which is really good going. The foam is white so can maybe be tricky, but as long as you concentrate your fine. Although its white, I’d still wear a mitt or glove as its still fake tan. The foam is exceptionally light and you can’t feel it at all on the skin. It dries in around half a minute too so there really is no awkward standing around trying not to bang and rub tan on your bathroom wall. What really struck me was the smell. Even the best fake tans have a slight smell, but rather than the old-biscuit smell this is similar to a lovely lightly scented body lotion.  

The above is all well and good, but it all means nothing if the product doesn’t do anything. Well, I’m happy to report that it works like a dream. After 2 applications (+ a long hot bath in between) my legs had a lovely sun-kissed tint. It gradually fades if you don’t reapply after a couple of days, but even then it fades naturally, without leaving random tell-tale patches. Gradual Tans have never worked on me until now. My legs have been given some colour, and as an added bonus a lovely sheen too. For a natural-looking look, especially if you have a fair skin-tone like myself, this is definitely a product to try.  

I genuinely think is going to become a year-round staple for me and I’d really recommend anyone to try it if your looking for a subtle sun-kissed glow to get rid of the winter blues. It retails at around £20.43. For more information and to try it yourself click here.