Specspost Sunglasses

Animalistic Sunglasses Pink Giraffe (*) – £14.99

Yes I am aware that this is December and we are more likely to get snow than scorching sun, but if your off on a winter break, or just need saving from the blinding sun you often get on clear mornings, this may be of some help! Before I pop into a review, I’d like to apologise for my makeup-free face and less than styled hair, I’m quite ill at the moment but I don’t want to get behind on my schedule. As they say, the show must go on.

Recently I won a pair of these beauties from Megan at Student-stylexo and I honestly could not be more in love with them. They are the perfect frame as the size would suit virtually everyone. I really like the print too, its not as intimidating as you might first think, and actually channels this seasons pastel trend! What I love is that you can tailor your sunglasses to you needs, if you have a prescription, if you want a tint or transitional lenses. Not only that, but they post them out super speedy! What is not to love!

The value for your pennies is unbelievable, so if your looking for something new, know someone off on holiday soon or already looking for next summer I’d really recommend having a look at Specspost, particularly if you a prescription!