ASOS Oxblood Pinafore OOTD

Pussybow Shirt – ASOS; Oxblood Pinafore – ASOS; Handbag – Vintage.

My first OOTD and I decide to choose one of the windiest days to take pictures on and a pinafore that creases if you move so much as muscle. Good job Jess. However, the picture isn’t dreadful (although my hair is very windswept) and I wanted to keep up with my blogging schedule so the show must go on. I also didn’t intend to end up with an entire ASOS outfit, but saying that I do own a lot from ASOS so if it was going to happen in an OOTD, this would be the one it happened in.

A large proportion of my A/W wardrobe contains oxblood. If you asked me to say one colour that reminds me of autumn, it would spurt from my mouth seconds later. I really love putting mustard with it, giving such a lovely vintage feel. I feel like I’m back at primary school again wearing a pinafore, but it so versatile! The print on the blouse keeps it fun and I love how the bow breaks up the block colour of my pinafore. I was a little worried about the bag and the shirt looking too matchy matchy, but once I put them together they are clearly different shades of mustard so that is completely avoided.

OOTD’s were very highly requested, so I really hope you enjoy them. I’m going to try and do them more often.