Nail Art November: Pens

 Last week it was easy ways to get Nail Art, and today’s is all about nail art pens. Now in some respects I find pens harder than tools (next weeks topic), but they are a lot more mess free, and less hassle when all you want to do is simple designs. 

There’s two main types, the felt-tip like nibs like the Barry M versions (£4.99 each), and the more traditional nibs (mine are from a giant multi-pack from ebay).

I find that the Barry M are more user friendly. You have to pump the tip around 5 times to let the polish flow and then your free to use them exactly like a felt tip. Just make sure your nails are completely dry before hand otherwise it will drag your polish. They have a thicker nib than the traditional version so tend to work best with simple designs such as stripes, dots, crescent moons etc. The only issue I’ve had with these is the limited shade range, but I hope they will expand the range soon because they really are great to play around with. 

The traditional nibs on the other hand require more work. You have to squeeze the bottle to get product flowing which is always tricky when your trying to do a design at the same time. Because of this it is easy to squeeze too much and release too much polish. Rather than a dragging felt tip procedure these are more gliding. I never let the nib fully touch my nail, which is harder if you haven’t got a steady hand. They also supply a tiny needle as you’ll need to clean the nib as polish does dry and block it quite often. However, these kits do come in every shade imaginable and have the added bonus that the majority come with a normal nail brush in the lid so can be used as nail polish as well. I’ve found these to be best for more artistic designs such as blossom trees due to the more delicate nib size. 

Topped with your usual top coat, both of these will stay put for your base coats average wear-time, so it really is down to personal preference. Like I said, I tend to create neater looks from the Barry M versions, as I find the traditional pens a bit too fiddly. Unless you have a steady hand, things can get messy fast.

Which ones do you prefer? 


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