Nail Art November: Inspiration

I’m so surprised its the last Nail Art November. If you’ve missed any of the previous three, click here and you can have a catch up. The last in the series is how to get inspiration for nail art designs. You can buy lots of books, all you need to do is type in Nail Art to amazon, but why pay when you can get it for free on the internet? So here are some of my favorite blogs dedicated to nails.

Chelsea King is a US Nail Artist and has some amazing designs that I can only dream of creating myself on my own talons. From Marc Jacobs inspired looks to psychedelic swirls, its great to actually see intricate designs, and simplify it to your level.

Nailasaurus is a UK-based nail blog which is something of a rarity. This blog specialises in Nail Stamping, and I must admit the looks you can create through it are incredible. I particularly LOVE her waterfall manis. Definitely something I’ll be trying out with my nail brushes.

If you want a mixture of nail art and shade swatches thrown in with more reviews on tools and kits, Brit Nails is your one-stop-blog. Ranging from simple (but amazingly pretty) to darn right works of art, Brit Nails has something for every level and is especially great if your from the UK and want to know about new releases.

Lastly One Nail To Rule Them All. Perfect if you want regular tutorials (Tuesdays) explained so simply that even I can follow them. Whether you prefer to go of pictures and step by step instructions or watch a YouTube demo, this is the place to  go if you want to learn on-trend nail art looks, ideal if your still getting your confidence with nail tools.

So there you go, nail art has never been so easy now you can follow step by step guides for the latest looks and tools. Have you got any favorite nail blogs or Youtubers?


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