Lush Abombinaball

I know its a walking #bblogger cliche, but I love Lush. I’ve never actually met anyone who doesn’t like Lush. Whenever I’m feeling below par, a bath time treat will always, without fail, cheer me up. When I saw this Christmas products which was exclusive online and in their Poole shop, I knew I had to snap it up.

Abombinaball is a large bath ballistic based on the Yeti or whatever you know “Big Foot” as. It has a fresh peppermint scent, with added vanilla to de-stress you and a hint orange to add depth. As you can see, once placed in water, you get an almost tie-dye effect with blue water with yellow swirls. These swirls eventually disappear, leaving behind bright blue water. It also produces the perfect amount of bubbles. Not too many, not a pathetic amount either, as Goldylocks would say, just right. Its also worth noting that whilst the solid product contains glitter, this is not transferred onto you or your bath, so there will be no re-enacting the snowy scenes from Twilight. Oh and while were talking about this bath bomb, will someone people tell me they see a face in the soap suds towards the right corner of the 2nd picture? I’m not going crazy right?


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