Jon Richard Poppy Ring

Poppy Ring – £8.40

Remembrance Day has always been a big thing for me, with my maternal Grandad being in WW2. He never talked about what he did which is a bit of shame as those memories are now lost, but I think there is probably a reason why he didn’t talk about it; I proud no matter what. When I was little I was a Brownie, and then a Guide and actually carried the main Union Jack Flag in a Remembrance Day Service. Let me tell you, it is ridiculously huge and heavy, and like most things, looks a lot easier than it actually is.  

Despite this, I’m not a huge fan of the poppies that are commonly sold to raise money for the British Legion. Their flimsy, the get destroyed in the wind and rain (which is basically every day), the pin ruins my blouse/dress/coat and I always loose them. So when I saw that Jon Richard had designed a beautiful poppy ring in aid of the British Legion, I knew this was a way I could support the cause, remember my Grandad, and have something more permanent to show for it. The ring itself its beautiful. I was worried it may be a little gimmicky, but it is honestly so tasteful and makes a lovely statement ring against the darker colours this autumn. I really love how other brands are helping support Charities in general, like Breast Cancer Awareness (another charity very close to my heart). Giving people options on how to donate through products means that it fits into everyone’s lifestyle and ultimately creates more long-term awareness. £3.60 from every ring goes to the British Legion so if you are keen to support Remembrance Day, I really recommend you pick one up. 


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