H. Gillerman Organics Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy

Sinus Remedy – £36

I was prepared this year. In September I bought this Sinus Remedy way back in September from Liberty’s (click her to see the haul). It’s pricey, but its worth it.

H. Gillerman Organics is a specialist in essential oil blends to help with a handful of issues. I picked up the Sinus Remedy as that’s what I really suffer with year-round. There isn’t a month that goes by when I don’t suffer with some form of sniffle, and lets be honest its not the most attractive thing. It just slows your life down dramatically, and I personally haven’t got time for that.

Although it sounds similar to Olbas Oil, its similarities end at it being an oil. Its recommend that you place a single drop of the Sinus Remedy in each nostril and the side of your neck 4/5 times a day. When it says a drop, it really does mean a tiny amount, and that’s one thing you do have to be careful with. It smells a little bit like Olbas Oil, but nowhere near intense. I actually love that its not as intense as its not going to overpower you all day, you can wear it in public without everyone being overwhelmed. The speed in which this works is incredible. After 5 minutes of applying this you can breathe easily. It also really relaxes me, helping my breathing too. And that lasts for a good 2 and a half hours. 

This has honestly been my savior and although its expensive, it will last me forever. It works so fast the price tag is justified.

How do you survive colds and flu?


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