Brand: Derma V10

I’m holding my hands up. Skin care wise, I am a french pharmacy, high end kind of girl. I’m a strong believer that if you invest in skincare, you will save in make-up. So when I got the opportunity to try some products from Derma V10 I was intrigued. I mean here is a brand that it right at the bottom of the price scale, that potentially could threaten my high end staples. To give it a fair shot I gave it a couple of months and the results are a bit of a surprise.

I’m sure I read that nose strips are bad for your skin but, if I’m honest the joy of seeing those black heads disappear will guarantee I buy them. Deep Cleansing Nose Strips(*) retail for £1 for a pack of 6 so make the perfect addition to your skincare regime but won’t break the bank. They look nearly identical to the more expensive ones stocked in Boots and Superdrug but theirs a snag. They don’t fit, they don’t stick very well and they definitely don’t do anything. I’m not sure if I have a really small nose(?!) but these seemed to be far too long, but nothing that simply trimming them wont solve. However, after this was solved I struggled to make them stick into the sides of my nose like the other ones. The material seemed far too rigid. Maybe this stopped it from working, but surely it should have worked where it stuck, yet it didn’t. I didn’t get any of the satisfaction I usually get and most importantly, did see any results. 

Next on my list was the Chocolate Body Butter(*) which retails for £1 again. Now this product is a different story! It rivals all my high end body butters and smells sooo much better. It honestly smells so chocolatey that my dog follows me round the house when I’ve just used it. Its really moisturizing and is absorbed super fast. We all know what a chore moisturizing is. This makes me want to use it. After I finished my high end body butters, I’ll be bulk buying this. For £1 its a fraction of the price but does exactly the same job. I suggest you go and pick a few up now, especially for stocking fillers because they are amazing!

A pack of 25 Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes(*) for £0.45? Needless to say my expectations were low, however I was pleasantly surprised. For me these are what face wipes should be, not too moist, not to abrasive. Thanks to the Tea Tree they didn’t break me out, and they do remove your make-up at skin level. I even think their better than Soap & Glory’s, so these are definitely worth a try if you go through face wipes as fast as me. 

 I was really curious about the BB Cream (*) £1. For £1 I was a bit nervous. I’m usual quite hard to shade match as I’m deceivingly fair. At first I panicked. Its like a terracotta orange colour, but using a tiny amount and with careful blending its ok. I don’t think it has the same coverage and imperfection-hiding properties as my favorite Gamier one, but for £1, it does an amazing job.

Lastly I’ve been testing out the Q10 Day Cream(*) and Night Cream(*) £1 each. Like I said at the start, I’m a skincare snob. My usual face cream costs around £20ish, so for £19 less, I was nervously excited. The texture is almost like a mousse, and of course a little goes a long way. Although I’ve not seen the benefits of my old face creams such as brightening, I haven’t broke out and the Derma V10 creams have kept me hydrated through this drying winter weather.

I’d really recommend trying some products from Derma V10, especially if your on a budget.  Derma V10 is available from a range of places including Bodycare and Poundland. You can also get some products on Amazon but these are a little more expense.

Have you got any budget finds you’ve been impressed with?


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