Blanx White Shock Toothpaste

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste – £4.99  (*)

I’ve never had the whitest teeth. I dont have problem teeth, I’ve never had a filling, but naturally my teeth will always be a little off-white. That’s actually what puts me off about teeth whitening. I don’t want them to look artificially white, I want them to look the whitest possible, but still be natural. 

When I heard about Blanx I was instantly intrigued. Its a toothpaste that helps to whiten your teeth to your own personal level of whiteness. As was explained to me, everyone has their own level of whiteness, and my shade wont be the same as someone else’s. What’s different about Blanx is that it has a little LED screw cap you place onto the top of the toothpaste which activates the ingredients. The active ingredients are then deposited on your teeth and remain active all-day, working towards whiter teeth. Not only that, but every time you smile and allow your teeth to be exposed to the light, the ingredients are re-activated. I know a lot of these toothpastes contain nasty things but this is safe for your gums as it doesn’t even contain peroxide.

I have really sensitive teeth so changing toothpaste is bit scary for me. I don’t to make them worse after all. However, this seems to be working just as good as a toothpaste specially for sensitive teeth, with the added bonus of whitening them. Oh and they are whitening them. Not dramatically, so don’t expect a ping, but all the same its noticeable improving. Its also pain-free and quick. Its activated as you squeeze it out so no messing around in the morning either. Its just generally a fuss free, pain free way of getting whiter teeth, whats not to love! 

Once you’ve finished with the 50ml tube the comes with the LED light, dont throw the light away. Save it and just buy a 75ml without the light! 

I’ve already re-purchased mine and this will be my staple for the foreseeable future. If you fancy trying this before Christmas, you can get it from Feel Unique.


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