Wicked: The Musical

On Saturday, my parents and I went along to see Wicked at Manchester Palace Theatre for my mum’s birthday. I read the novels around 5 years ago now and adored them so much I’ve been going on and on about seeing the musical. So much so my family gave in. We were originally planning on seeing it in London for my birthday, but with my 21st and graduation being so close together, and then finding out it was coming up to Manchester, it seemed pretty pointless.

Anyway back to the musical. Go and see it. Review done. I kid, but it pretty much is that simple. My Dad’s not a massive musical fan but he was obsessed with it. For those of you who have no idea what Wicked about, its basically the life story of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, and you get to see everything from her point of view. Its so cleverly done, and linked in perfectly with the Wizard of Oz! The settings are simply amazing, like something out of a film, and the singing is unbelievable. Defying Gravity made me cry, which is turning into a bit of a habit for me at musicals. I’m an emotional wreck. The script was perfect. It was the perfect balance of funny, and serious and 2 hours whizzed by. When I say funny too, I don’t mean that corny funniness you often get, this wasn’t force, it was dry and witty, making you pay the musical full attention. If you have young children that get spooked quite easily, some parts may freak them out. The flying monkeys look like extras from Lord of the Rings, no fluffy little lemurs here. But its not overly scary, more PG level. 

The entire story line made me really think how you just accept what the majority believe to be right, because after all that many people can’t be wrong. It really re-enforced my belief that there’s 3 version of the truth; theirs, yours and somewhere in the middle, what actually happened. 

Apologies for the ramblings of the review but if your looking for something to do for a group with different interests, this may be the perfect middle ground. I’m now on the search for people who haven’t seen it/want to see it again. I’ve downloaded the soundtrack already and am happily singing along. I can safely say I’ve caught the Wicked bug and have a feeling this musical will become a Modern Classic, 


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