What’s In My Bag || Law School

Like most bloggers I’m nosy. I will always without fail read room tours, WIMB posts etc. Surprisingly though, I’ve never actually done anything like that on TCW. Well that’s all about to change.

So this is what I usually carry on my commute to University with me. I carry two bags with me, a handbag and one for files.

My bag for University is from H & M and I seriously love the shape. It kind of reminds me of Micheal Kors, but with a more purse-friendly price tag. Its so soft, and comes with a body strap too! What I really like about it is that it has a zip and its waterproof so its very practical. Apart from that everything’s pretty standard. I got my purse from a small boutique near Keele University, and somehow my mum managed to track down a matching make-up bag for my 20th Birthday last year. My make-up bag acts an emergency kit with everything from a mirror to plasters and hand cream in there. I have a Kindle, but I carry my Sony E-reader for Uni. Its around 7 years old now, but I have all my university textbooks on it so I don’t have to carry some amazingly heavy law books on the tram into Manchester City Center.

My bag that I use for files is currently the one that came with my Space NK GWP, and is just a foldaway nylon tote. I’ve had these two files for years, but think I got them from WH Smiths. I love pretty files, I just think they look nice on my shelf and encourage me to actually pull them out. I don’t think you’ll be able to get that particular floral design, but there will be something similar.

As you can see, I really try to limit what I carry because I hate heavy bags (bad for you and your bag). What do you carry everyday with you?


  • Love your phone cover x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  • How are you finding the size of this bag? I hate hugely oversized tote bags and have been looking at this one online for a while. I'm torn between this one for it's price and the online exclusive one here

    Peach Pow XO