Introducing Oliver…





I’ve only just realized I’ve never properly featured my dog on TCW! Well better later than never, say hello Oliver.

Oliver is my 11-year-old Bedlington Terrier/ Bichon Frise bitser, as in a bit of this and a bit of that. The ‘m’ word is banned in our house, he has feelings after all. I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old when I was 10 and honestly could not imagine not having him. I may admit that there were a few skype calls when I lived away at Uni …

We got him ridiculously young because the lady who was selling him, and the rest of the litter, was moving to Ibiza the next day. He was so young in fact he wouldn’t eat anything. It got really scary at one point, but weirdly he started accepting Kellog’s Frosties drenched in milk for a couple of weeks, and now he won’t stop eating.

We got kicked out of puppy training classes. Apparently, he was a bad influence on all the other dogs. It was held at an equestrian school and he just wanted to sit and dig holes in the sand, and not learn how to stay put.

He has two favorite toys that he recognizes by name. A yellow plastic bone, called boney (original) that he’s had since we got him, and I’m terrified one day he will lose it and become distraught. He suffers from indigestion really badly, and he will start whimpering and run and get boney. His other favorite toy (let’s not kid ourselves, he has as many toys as I have bags) is called monkey and happens to be, a stuffed toy monkey. If you sing baby monkey he runs and finds it. Seriously.

He’s partially blind, with a scarred retina so you have to be careful about moving things. He runs into the conservatory door a lot and bangs himself on corners. He once actually gave himself a black eye, although it was quite hard to tell …


Oh, and last week he was Pet of the Week in the Leigh Reporter (the local paper). He’s now refused to get out of bed for anything less than a dental stick. Diva