Bathroom Tour

As you’ve all probably tolerated my rants about having builders in my house all summer, I thought I’d show you some of what we had done. This is my bathroom, as my parents have an ensuite so its been left to me to add the finishing touches to it. 

Its such an awkward room to take photos of. Every time you move somewhere you bang into something! Speaking of which, see that sink? I gave myself concussion organising my shelves. Please, someone give me sympathy, no one else has yet. 

The bath is so ridiculously deep and long. I have no idea how, because its gone in the exact same place the old one was, and its not like we’ve moved any walls. Its got this amazing shower head (yes I did just say a shower head was amazing) and its ideal for lazy Sunday soaks. I always think lush products are such a work of art and should be on display. To keep my lush bath bombs and bubble bars neat and protected, I’ve popped them in this jar. I think its perfect for adding a pop of colour to otherwise simple room. 

I’m completely in love with this mirror. Its got a sensor on the side where you just wave your hands and it switches on. The circle in the bottom corner is a magnified area which is perfect for putting my contacts in and doing eye make-up. Whoever designed this, clearly knew a beauty junkie. Next to my mirror is this storage (No. 6) which I use for my daily makeup. Its so handy as it holds my make-up brushes, my hair brush and comb, some cotton pads, and cotton balls and all my products. I’d actually really recommend this if you only have 5 minutes to do your make-up in the morning like I do. It makes life so much easier. Oh and that stone thing? Its an air freshener.

I honestly love my tiles. The feature walls looks so beautiful against the wood. The other tiles are marbled and it just flows so seamlessly. I think my bird toothbrush holder and soap dish fit in perfect. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them! For anyone wondering, the little white bottle holds my contacts I’m using at the moment. 

So that’s my bathroom. I hope this is redeemed for my Moaning Myrtle tweets and you all enjoyed having a good old nosy.


  • I love your bathroom! and such a lovely idea with the jar of bathbombs! x

    Dull Weather, Bright Nails

  • Love the bathroom, it's gorgeous! I see you have a Pumkin bubble bar in your Lush stash. He smells lovely, I'm saving him for Halloween night.