A/W Yankee Candle Scents

For my 21st Birthday my mum and dad got me an electric Yankee Candle burner and a whole box full of melts. Luckily I live near an outlet shop because I’ve become completely addicted. Here are just a few of the A/W appropriate scents I am currently loving.

 photo fb35ea2f-cf69-4bf4-9974-caf4ae44dcfd.jpg

I never knew Yankee Candle did Halloween scents! Candy Corn is somewhere in the sweet, spicy border. Its not sugary sweet, and has a kick to it so perfect if sickly isn’t your thing. Clearly, it is my thing though as Red Velvet and Salted Caramel are my two all time favorite. Salted Caramel is quite a heavy scent, and smells exactly like the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks! Red Velvet smells heavily of batter , icing and red food dye (if thats possible), its perfect if you want to pretend you have a plate of cupcakes, but beware, it will make you crave them!

If you like vanilla scents, Vanilla Chai is the perfect A/W alternative, a little bit more spicy and oriental. Spiced orange may be one of my favorite amongst the Christmas range. If your a fan of citrus scents, but find them too summery this is the one for you. Its also not as spicy as ones like Vanilla Chai, so perfect if you find those a bit too heavy. Home Sweet Home is mainly cinnamon, with vanilla base notes, and gives the perfect atmosphere for cosy nights in.

 photo edcf2e28-178f-4eed-abf3-c0889f17d7b9.jpg

If so far the idea of heavy, spiced scents don’t appeal, these might. The difference between Christmas Cupcake, and Christmas Cookie is pretty slim if I’m honest. The only one I can detect is Christmas Cookie is a bit more gingerbread like, while Christmas Cookie is more doughy. If your just after a fresh scent though you won’t be able to go wrong with Winter Wonderland, which like the image indicates, is fresh, clean and yet maintains a winter atmosphere!

Lastly, these three are being saved for the Christmas fortnight. Whilst Christmas Tree, is the exact smell of pine trees, Red Apple Wreath is a nice combination of pine trees and spice with a touch of sweetness, giving it more depth. Christmas Eve however is magic in a melt. It embodies all the scents you remember as a child, sweets, gingerbread, pine needles, the lot! Somehow it isn’t too much though, and will be ideal to get into the holiday spirit.

Before I end this post I just want to say a few words about the Electric Burner. I’d personally really recommend it, especially if you have small children, pets or just hate open flames like me! I love that mine has a removable dish too, making it so simple to clean and change the melt. The base doesn’t get overly hot, and fits in great with most decors.

What are your favorite A/W Scents?


  • Aww thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I'm going to check out Witch's Brew and Black Cheery 🙂


  • Candy Corn sounds amazing! I really need to get a burner 🙂

    Jess xo

  • Red Velvet is my favourite Yankee candle scent! Definitely need to buy a new one soon.


  • I LOVE YC christmas and halloween scents – my favourites have to be Witch Brew, Christmas Cookie and Vanilla Chai x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  • Such a cute blog! Thank you for recommending my blog and channel in one of your tweets! xx