MAC Nail Lacquer in Girl Trouble

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Girl Trouble – £11(*)

I often hear a lot about MAC. Eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations, I’ve read countless reviews. One product that seems to get less attention is MAC’s Nail Lacquer. Although the shade range is rather limited compared to other brands, I’m still quite impressed. 

The packaging stays true to classic MAC. A clear glass bottle with sleek black lettering paired with a soft black top continues MAC’s minimalist style. The top is easy to grip being a soft material over a hard shell and so is good for precise application.

I adore this shade both in the bottle and swatched. In the bottle it appears to be a silver-infused lilac, however when swatched this is actually closer to a pink. Nevertheless, it is absolutely stunning. Subtle enough for everyday wear, it becomes opaque on 2 coats and lasts around 3-4 days. The formula is perfect to work with and helps to create a flawless application. I love how this shade is appropriate for both summer and winter. It’s particularly good for channeling the cool pastel tones of this season, and I think this will fast become my go-to shade.

Have you tried any MAC Nail Varnishs?