Look Beauty Mini Makeover Palette in Baby Blue Eyes

Mini Makeover Palette – £6

I’ve been a proud subscriber of Look Magazine for quite a while now. As magazines go, I’m not the most loyal reader, but I will happily read every issue of Look. Saying that I’ve been pretty late off the mark trying their beauty range. I’ve dabbled in some of their heavily hyped blush but never really looked much further. When I saw an advert for their mini palettes with a shade selection based on your eye color (aimed at making them pop), I quickly added one to my basket.

I think the entire Look Beauty range’s packaging is lovely. This credit-card-sized palette has a black shiny, hard plastic casing allowing the product to be protected from any trauma your poor makeup bag might be subjected too. To me, the pink and black look really cute and give off a bit of a retro vibe. The lip color and blush is in a small pull out section and it has a good sized mirror for touch-ups. I really like how Look haven’t included those rubbish applicators most brands insist upon. Not only does this save space, but you haven’t got them flying out if you open it a bit clumsily.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Look Beauty is amazing for powdered products. The eyeshadow shades are perfect for my light blue eyes and very wearable. The shadows themselves are extremely pigmented, creamy, easily blended and there is no fallout, as is often the case with cheaper powder products. This goes for the blush. If you’ve tried a Look Beauty blush, the standard is exactly the same, crazily pigmented, and very flattering. I love this shade and would love Look to make a full sized version as it’s the most beautiful apricot with gold shimmer running through it, a warmer version of Nars Orgasm if you will. However its the lip products that let the side down just a little. I may be biased in that I don’t usually get on with lip products in palettes but initially, I was quite impressed with the shades. However, the pigmentation wasn’t there for me as I’m not one for a sheer wash of color.

All in all, I would still 100% recommend this product. For the price, it’s an amazing emergency kit to keep in your bag if you’re prone to arranging after-office plans a little late. It’s also the perfect size to keep in a clutch on a night out. Whilst the lip products did let me down a bit, I would most likely have used a conventional lipstick anyway through preference and hasn’t knocked my opinion of the brand as a whole.

What do you think? Have you tried any Look Beauty products?