Is it just me or …? || University Halls of Residence Observations

For all three of my years at University I lived in halls of residence, with my last two year spent in the same room (the room above to be exact). Going from a nervous fresher not knowing what to expect to a seasoned pro at unpacking, you tend to notice a few things common to every moving in day.

In my experience there are three lots of people. The people that over prepared (me), the people that got it right first time, and the people who are so laid back about things your left thinking how they will manage on their own. There is nothing wrong with being prepared, but maybe being as prepared as me, and having to use a van (I kid you not) to move may be going a little bit too far. I also have extreme envy for those of you with big families. You move in 10 times faster, and get to do a lot less of the sweaty stairs panting after carrying up you box stuffed with shoes. If your in that lucky position, don’t take it too personally if you get a few dirty looks. Then there’s the normal people, who manage to get everything they need (and actually need opposed to convincing themselves they will suddenly take up surfing/fencing/chess now they are a university student), and to be truthful there’s not much to say about them, their normal, and quite frankly boring. Then there are the, admittedly very few, people who fit everything it say two bags. Mainly guys, I’m just left wondering how?! Do you origami your stuff? Is this a case of extreme rolling? How do you do it? It just leaves me confused to be honest. 

Once you’ve moved in there’s always the same type of people every corridor in every halls of residence has.  There will be the super perky organised person who tells everyone a time that you will all meet up at to go out that night. There will be the guy that introduces a new girl for morning coffee, every morning. Cant forget the girl that pushes a disheveled guy out of her room looking embarrassed.  Finally, there will most certainly be a door you never see open, and yet the cleaners/halls of residence staff have confirmed someone lives there. They maybe a International student with a different time clock, maybe they have other friends, maybe their even just introverted, but you will spend a good deal of time conjuring many elaborate explanations, most involving sometime you’d see on a Channel 4 documentary. And there is always a guy who can play guitar moderately well. FACT (Que drunken acoustic sing-a-longs).

Overall I absolutely loved living in halls and it really made my University experience. For those of you about to move in, or newly moved in, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • I didn't go to uni as I had my daughter quite young so dropped out of college. I don't know if I'd have liked it or not though as I get really attached to places. I always said I'd never leave home (LOL) and I sobbed when I did (jeez) and now we're moving house in 8-12 weeks and I just know I'll be an emotional wreck "/

    Louise x

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