How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Since starting my blog over a year ago I’ve learned a lot about brushes, and my collection has grown dramatically. Spending all this money on make-up brushes, I didn’t want to have to replace my brushes in 6 months, so started to try and find a routine that works well for me. At the moment I use two products to help care for my brushes, the Sigma Dry ‘n’ Shape and No 7 Make Up Brush Cleanser.

No. 7 Makeup Brush Cleanser

Because I have quite a lot of makeup brushes, I can usually get away with washing my brushes once every two/three weeks, but after a big night out or event, I’ll wash them soon after. I used to use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo but I now use No. 7 Makeup Brush Cleanser. This is like Bioderma for brushes. It’s a water-like fluid that you pump straight onto a damp brush, swirl it around in the clean water and watch all the build-up wash out. I’ve seen foundation stains from a while ago be shifted after one use of this. It doesn’t leave any trace of residue on the brushes and they are so soft, they feel and look like new! For something so amazing too, the price tag is a shock! £8 really rivals other popular brush cleansers so much so that I can’t see me buying another bottle of MAC’s anytime soon.

Sigma Dry ‘n’ Shape

I’m currently having my bathroom completely re-done and when its all finished I don’t want the top of the storage unit to be littered with drying make up brushes. The Sigma Dry ‘n’ Shape is like a makeup brush roll. The idea is you push your brush through the leather slot and slip it into the smallest elastic end that fits the bristles. The elastic end is meant to speed up drying to 6-8 hours and help maintain the brush’s shape. I initially tested this on Real Techniques brushes as they are some of the bulkiest I own, and while the leather section is quite tight around the handle, they fit fine. It definitely does what it says it does. While the brushes are drying I simply fold the wrap up using the closings and store it away. Although this is a bit pricey, I see it more as an investment and something that will prolong the life of my brushes, keep my new bathroom tidy and speed up the entire process making it less like a chore.

What do you use to make brush care hassle free?

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