AW13: Beauty Trends and How To Achieve Them

It feels like the period between the start of each fashion season is getting closer and closer together. I can’t believe its already time to talk about the new trends for the autumn/winter period. To cover all the key trends, I’ve put together a series of four posts running through September. Today I’m going to talk about the beauty trends and then next week I’ll move onto the key fashion and accessories. 

Like with the fashion there are two stand out looks that are pretty much opposites; Girly and Grunge. 

AW Beauty 1

AW Beauty 1 by thecrownwings featuring makeup

I think the best way to describe the girly trend is by using the Duchess of Cambridge as inspiration. A lot of catwalks featured sleek, straight hair but unless your hair is naturally straight, the look can look far from natural. In these situations, a natural blow-dry would be more fitting, using heat protection such as this budget option from V05 paired with a straightening balm like my favorite Redken Align 12 to give a super chic finish. Matte skin has always been something I have tried to achieve. Use a primer such as this one from The Body Shop under my all time favorite foundation MAC Studio Fix Fluid or a budget version such as Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mouse with a natural sweep of blush ensuring it doesn’t look dull. To help give your eyes more of an awake, fresh look, placing white liner or Benefit Eye Bright along your lash line or simply in the inner-corner. My recent discovery has been brushing my eyebrows upwards with Maybelline Master Sleek Brow Drama  to give a naturally full look to ensure I still look ‘done’. Teaming this base with a small coating of brown mascara (as it looks more natural) and some lip balm will help achieve the barely-there makeup seen across fashion week. 

AW Beauty 2

AW Beauty 2 by thecrownwings featuring red lip makeup

For me, this is more evening appropriate look for AW13. Glossy, wet-looking hair played a massive role to creating this look, and you can recreate this by parting your hair to the side and then incorporating Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray into your normal routine. Makeup pays an equally large role. Rather than glossy, vibrant matte lips in all shades of red are vital to channeling a more edgy look. Whilst matte lips are often extremely drying, I find applying Rimmel Kate Matte lipstick over a layer of lip balm helps provide a hydrating long lasting pop of colour. Although there are plenty of metallic palettes around to help you create beautiful eye looks, the easiest and most effective way is using a Maybelline Color Tattoo or Rimmel Eye Paint as a base and pigments by Illamasqua in the crease to ensure your look is long-lasting and crease-resistant.

What trends are you most excited about?