AW13: Accessories

This is the last of my AW13 posts talking about the key trends. This week I’m focusing on accessories and the four main looks that will be spilling into the stores.

AW13: 4a

AW13: 4a by thecrownwings featuring a leopard purse

Pony Skin is one of the key textures this winter. While I adore Mulberry’s pony skin finish, I think I’ll be sticking to the high street’s take on the trend, with a cute leopard pint structured bag. The standout piece for me is River Island’s beautiful black waist belt, with lovely embellishment. One trend I’m not 100% on though is fluffy texture. I’m a huge fan of angora jumpers, but faux fur accessories aren’t my thing. The Cossack hat has stood out to me and would look cute, but the bags really don’t appeal to me. The only way I’ll be wearing this trend is through a faux fur collar/cape over a party dress or teamed with my winter coat.

AW13: 4b

AW13: 4b by thecrownwings featuring a statement necklace

Highly embellished necklaces are more popular than ever. The high street is amazing at coming up with necklaces that could be family heirlooms, and my favorite place is New Look as they seem to have the best range at the most reasonable price. Perfect for dressing up outfits and transforming them from day to night, as we get closer and closer to Christmas, these will be more in demand. Apart from tortoise shell nail design’s, accessories have also had a makeover, with everything from watches and glasses to phone cases donning the print. Wearing a pair of tortoise shell glasses like these from River Island is the easiest way to channel geek chic while giving a nod to the fashion trend.

What are you looking forward to most? Let me know!


  • Loving the tortoiseshell things, I really want a tortoiseshell watch! xx