The Body Shop Skin Primer in Matte It

Primer – £12

There’s one beauty look that will never work on me, and that is dewy skin. Whilst I see so many bloggers looking radiant with their glowing complexions, when I try it, you’d think I’d just finished the most intense workout. It just doesn’t suit my overall look and I much prefer a matte finish, which luckily is a major beauty trend this A/W. With that in mind, when I was in search of a new primer to try, I opted for this option from The Body Shop. 

Made for normal to oily skin, it aims to give you a smooth, shine-free complexion whilst making your foundation last a little bit longer. I quite like the squeeze tub packaging, it looks very sleek, and being able to see how much product remains is definitely a plus. The product itself is a clear gel which feels a little bit too siliconey for my liking but it definitely delivers on its claim. I was quite interested to see how this worked on me, having combination skin leaning more to the dry side but with a slightly oily t-zone and eyelids. I usually find products that are aimed for oily skin, often highlight and dehydrate my skin even more, but impressively this does neither. It works as it says it should, creating a smooth base for you to apply foundation onto. Its worth noting this does nothing for pores, Body Shop have a different primer to conceal those, but it doesn’t clog or enhance them either. To test its shine eliminating powers to the limit I wore this right through the summer heat wave without any powder, and somehow remained shine-free and with my foundation still intact by the evening. This primer is definitely coming with me whenever I go to somewhere with a warmer climate (not hard when your from Manchester) to stop any face melting mishaps. Usage wise, a tube will last your around the 3-4 week mark with every day use, but if you depend on powder, or haven’t got time for touch ups, this may be a worthwhile investment. Overall, this little tube packs a mighty punch and should be in every Shine-phobic’s makeup bag.

Have you tried this primer? What’s your favorite primer?


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  • sounds good! I'm always on the lookout for a good primer

    ordaining serendipity

  • Looks interesting! Does it contain silicone?

  • Thank you, thank you for reviewing this it sounds awesome! I've been looking for a cruelty-free mattifying serum for ages. My skin sounds very similar to yours, combination so needs moisture but oily t'zone and eyelids (eyelids – what's that about?) so I'm confident it should work for me to :0)