Styling Short Hair: Tools

This is the second of a series of three posts talking about ways you can style short hair. Like I said in the post dedicated to products, the vast majority of posts are focused more on mid to long hair lengths, and ones for short hair are few and far between. While most of the things I talk about would work equally as well on those hair lengths, it’s nice to have short hair be the focus for once.


Apart from a standard hairdryer, I only use two other tools on my hair, a GHD mini styler, and a Babyliss Big Hair(*). Most of the time I don’t straighten my hair fully, and just use it on the ends as that’s where I have a very annoying natural flick. I opted for the mini styler as my hair is in an angled bob style, so cut short at the back. I tried the standard version and it was really hard to use towards the back of my hair. If your yet to try GHD’s I can confirm the hype, they heat up amazingly fast and help to create a multitude of looks from a sleek style to curls!

If I’m going out and want a lot of volumes I stick to the Babyliss Big Hair. Although this dries and styles hair at the same time, I tend to blow dry my hair sightly, leaving it still damp to speed up the process. I then section off my hair, focusing on the roots to get maximum volume. Put simply, it’s a rotating heated barrel brush and once you get the hang of it, works really well to create lasting volume. I was really worried that my hair would get caught up in it and it would all end in tears, but as soon as you let go of the button it stops so it’s really easy to use.

What tools do you use on your hair?