Styling Short Hair: Products

Believe it or not, I used to have long Princess hair when I was younger and swore I would never ever cut it. This quickly changed when my thick hair decided to become even thicker and having such a mane wasn’t manageable. Since then I went progressively shorter, from a mid-length ‘Rachel’, to a shapeless shoulder length number, and now my current bob. I absolutely love my short hair, and while I look at photos of intricate braiding, my hair is definitely very me. Although I’m growing my length a little, I think I will have some version of my current hair for the foreseeable future. Don’t fix what isn’t broke.

Nine times out of ten, when a hair tutorial or look comes up on my news feed, it’s specifically for shoulder-length to long hair. With more and more of my friends getting the chop and parting with their long locks, I’ve decided to do a series of 3 posts dedicated to styling short hair. Now a lot of these ideas will be transferable to other hair lengths but it does make a nice change to give short hair a bit of focus.

One of my most frequent complaints about my hair is that its always the same, and I can never experiment. It’s no surprise that the options are rather limited in comparison to other hair lengths, but there are some ways to vary your look. Here are some of the products I use to make the most of my hair.

The three products above are my every-day go to’s. Just because you have less of it, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the same amount of care to keep your hair in the best condition possible. I use quite a few different heat protectors depending on what look I’m trying to get but as a general one this GHD Style Heat Protect Spray (*) is pretty hard to beat. It is especially good if you are having direct contact with heated styling tools such as straighteners because you need an extra barrier to stop your hair being fried. Most of you wouldn’t think about tanning without a decent SPF, so why subject your hair to intensive heat with no protection either?!  No matter what your hair type I think everyone should own two hairsprays; a low and a high strength version. I use the low strength on a day to day basis, mainly to keep flyaways and flicks at bay. For those of you with longer hair, using a low strength on freshly curled hair will reduce the chance of fizz and flyaways but allow your ringlets to drop into a loose curl. The high strength one tends to be used for events and nights out when I’ve gone to a lot of effort to get volume into my hair, and maybe curled sections. Having short hair has let me play around with curls. My hair was so thick when it was shoulder length that any curls dropped after 30 minutes! Now they still drop but armed with an extra-strong hairspray and I can make them last a decent amount of time. Lastly, I always spray a shine spray over my hair. This Neal & Wolf (*) one is perfect to get a subtle shine reminiscent of a salon blow-dry and smells amazing!

I am a massive fan of V05. I’ve already talked about my love for their blow-dry lotion and the sleek look it creates. Teamed with their Frizz Free Creme, my annoying flicks are kept at bay and I can create a smooth blow dry myself in 15 minutes!  However, when I want to play around with how I style my hair, I swear by their Choppy Cream Wax. A good alternative to a salt spray, it’s great if you want a bit of a messier, more relaxed style but still needs to keep it under control. I was really scared this would weight my hair down and be hard to work with, but it’s actually more of a creme and because you only need a tiny amount, it is so lightweight, ideal for adding a bit of texture.

Getting long-lasting volume in my hair has always been hard work. Because of its thickness, unless I am constantly in the bathroom committing hair self-harm and backcombing it, I’ll be left with a frizzy mess in no time. Thankfully I’ve recently discovered Label M Resurrection Style Dust (*). To get the most volume with hardly any backcombing I blow dry my hair upside down and then section the top 1/3 of my hair off. Under this section, I sprinkle a small amount of the dust into my roots and work it in, liberally spraying a stronghold hairspray after to hold my newly found volume all night!

Have you got any wonder products to take the dullness out of styling short hair?