Pollen Protection

Pollen hates me. The feeling is completely mutual. The only time I don’t suffer is winter. I get the usual hay fever, but I’m also susceptible to tree spores around September so there is only a small gap when I’m not suffering from allergies, conveniently filled with the cold and flu season. As every pharmacy and even my optician happily tells me, this summer the pollen count in the UK is a record high, so while there’s those of you like me who are used to the evil-side to those innocent looking wild flowers, I’m betting there’s quite a considerable number suddenly feeling a bit ‘off’

To combat the awful and far from attractive symptoms, I’m normally a tablet kind of girl, but this year I decide to try something different and its work an absolute treat. Before I go into what I’ve been using I just want to take a quick second to remind everyone to check the usage instructions and if your a minor, check with your guardian too! Right sensible bit over, I have been so impressed with how amazing the Prevalin Nasal Spray is. So the actually sticking this up your nostril and squirting it up isn’t very attractive, but it is so effective I think I can turn a blind-eye to it. Unlike with tablets where my symptoms are only diluted and not eradicated, I managed to go fruit picking and walk through a field of wild flowers without so much as the tinniest sneeze, watering eye or breathing difficulty. It takes about a week of usage to become fully effective and you can’t use this and tablets at the same time otherwise you would be overdosing (not a good move), but after that one week, you can have fun in the sun to your hearts content. The only thing I would recommend is that you maybe look in the mirror and check your nose after you’ve used it. I once went shopping and had a little white mark above my nostril. Thanks Mum for letting me know. 

Lastly I’d like to talk about horrible dry eyes. A while a go I mentioned on twitter I was having issues with one eye lid twitching non-stop. Someone suggested to eat a banana because I may be low in potassium, and believe it or not it did help, but alas it didn’t stop it completely. I then started to feel like I had something stuck in my eye, almost like I’d left a contact in or something (I hadn’t FYI, I’m quite obsessive over taking them out). It then became uncomfortable to put my contacts in, and so stuck with wearing my glasses, I was left with no choice but to get it looked at. A trip to the opticians later and for the first time in my life I had dry eyes. To try and relieve this I got a contact-friendly eye spray from Boots and thankfully I’ve got rid of it. Believe it or not, spending long times at a computer or watching television can aggravate dry eyes because your brain is so busy taking everything in, it forgets to blink to hydrate your eyes. Obviously I was quite concerned as a large part of my job is on a computer researching or putting clients on to our legal system, and then I blog when I come home. However, there are things you can do to help. One way you can minimise this without neglecting your blog is once an hour, look away from the screen at a distant object for 15 seconds, then look at a closer object for 15 seconds, and repeat a couple of times to allow you eyes to regain focus and maintain their hydration levels. I for one will definitely be looking after my eyes more often whilst I’m blogging.

How are your allergies this year?