A Head for Hats

Bit of a running joke in my family, but I have a big head. Not as in I think I’m amazing but as in the circumference of my head is on the large side. Luckily I don’t look like one of those nodding characters with huge heads, and its all in proportion but it does make finding a hat that fits a bit more challenging. Weirdly, and I think cruelly, I suit hats. A LOT. I mean, how mean that I actually look good in hats, and yet I have a head that can’t fit into hats. The world is a tough place my friends.

Anyway, my life battles talked about, I thought I’d show you a selection of my favorite A/W hats and try and encourage you lovely people to wear a hat. You always see outfits styled with hats, but hardly anyone actually wears them day to day. The recent trend in bowler hats, beanies and the like hopefully give people confidence to wear them and will make hats as popular as scarfs (random choice but you get the idea). I’ve had all the above hats for a good while now so highly doubt they will be in store but I actually think their all from Marks & Spencer. Amazingly they do hats in different sizes there (thumbs up) so I can actually get my head into them! I’m sure if you search EBAY or the high street you’ll find something similar anyway. 

Are you a hat person, or do you share my big head issues?


  • That is quite an adorable collection you have there. I am glad you are encouraging people to actually wear hats. They are such a fun accessory and can make a simple outfit look put together three seconds. I am actually inspired to grab some plain old hats and accent them.

    Great post!
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    Amber Sweet

  • I wish I could wear hats, I just don't have the head for it x

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  • love your collection! I am a fellow big head lol, hats are always too small for my head too and my head circumference is an inch or two bigger than most people I know (I got paranoid and measured it haha). I haven't worn hats in years but I'd love to find one that suited me again because I really love wearing them xx