The New Black 5-Piece Ombre Nail Set in Waves

The New Black Nail Kit in Waves – £26.50 (*)

Lately, I’ve really gotten into doing my nails and started exploring the world of nail art a little bit more. I recently won this nail kit in a giveaway and instantly thought it was an easy way of getting ombre nails without the fuss of having to use a sponge.

I love the concept of The New Black Kits, allowing nail trends to become accessible and hassle-free. However, for me, the price really limits its accessibility. If I hadn’t won this, I’m not so sure I would have been able to warrant over £25 on a nail kit where each bottle is significantly smaller (4ml) than your average Barry M counter-part. I know its quality, not quantity and lots of brands use miniature sizes in sets, but I do like a decent amount of product, and for the price of this set, bigger bottles would be welcome. Despite this, the packaging is very sleek and simple, letting the shades of the polish sell the product. Sometimes simple is best, and it definitely appeals to me.

I think I’d have less of a bee in my bonnet over the price if the quality was top notch, but I find it a bit questionable. The shade selection is absolutely lovely, but the formula is less than desirable. After applying the 1st coat I was in a bit of shock. I’ve never had such a streaky coat before in my life. Although after 2-3 coats (2 in the images above) it becomes opaque, it’s still a bit streaky. It’s less noticeable on the darker shades, but the lighter shades aren’t up to scratch at all. For the price of the set, you’d want it foolproof and effortlessly streak free. If I’m to stick another nail in the coffin, I wish the shades had names too!

Would I recommend? I think your money would be better spent getting 5 coordinating bottles from a drug store. I’d give this a miss.

Have you tried any nail sets?