Summer Reads

I’m going to hold my hands up and say I love easy reading chick-lit. If I’m trying to relax from hours of reading case files the last thing I want is a book that takes me ages to get into. I think in summer especially most people will want something light to pass the time while topping up the tan (preferably somewhere hot with a cocktail in hand). Here are just a few books I’ve read, and then come back to again only to enjoy them even more.

I’m a loyal reader when it comes to authors. If I’ve read something by an author and liked it, I’ll move on to another by them. I think I’ve read nearly all Sophie Kinsella’s books now and really recommend them all. Although their all are written in pretty much the same style, each is completely different. Can You Keep A Secret? is all about those little white lies we all tell and how you can get caught up in them. Its completely realistic and funny and I can completely relate to the main character Emma believing rumors instead of getting the truth. Lindsay Kelk has a pretty similar writing style to Sophie Kinsella. Her I heart series is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend it a million times over for people who don’t like to read to avid bookworms alike. She’s got the perfect balance between what most girls my age dream of having, and being completely relatable. OK so some of the plots sometimes go into the Soap Opera territory, but in all honesty, when you’re reading it, you believe it. Who else wouldn’t run away to New York on the spur of the moment after catching your BF with a girl at your best friends wedding, and the proceeds to assault her new husband?! Already being made into a film, I think this is going to be the chick-flick of the year when it’s released. FYI there are a couple of books in the series, and while they make sense on their own, its best to do things in order to get the full effect of the storylines; I Heart New York is first. Although I do promise you it is more life-like than it sounds, if that seems a bit too far-fetched for you, maybe something like Sweet Shop of Dreams is up your street, following the life of Rosie who is struggling to keep her families traditional sweet shop relevant in today’s society. Funny and sweet, it’s really endearing, with other books in the series such as Meet Me At The Cupcake Café bound to appeal to fans of the Great British Bake-off.

When a film adaptation of a book is announced, I am always determined to read the book before the film. As soon as I heard SATC had a spin-off book called the Carrie Diaries I had to pick it up. Luckily I got into it just before the movie hype started and I knew about any of the spoilers the press leaked. In case you’ve not heard about it, its all about Carrie Bradshaw when she first went to New York, much younger and naive, with some of the other main characters from the show being introduced through the course of the books! Although this is based on SATC, it could appeal to those who haven’t seen the films or television series and is definitely one for lying by the pool with. Sometimes reading in advance is not easy though, especially when you don’t release the film had an original book. Partly because Bridesmaids is based near where I live, but also because I must have watched Bridesmaids the film about 30 times now, it has fast become one of my favorite chick-lit books. Jane Costello writes in quite a similar style to Sophie Kinsella and Lindsay Kelk and really shows how drama-filled the wedding season can be when everyone in your ‘group’ is getting hitched, except you. This is perfect if you feel like everyone on your news feed is flashing rings and looking at wedding dresses!

If you think you’ve read all the decent light reads around, or aren’t really a book person I’d have a look at these two. Attachments is the beginnings of an office romance, shown through e-mails when they were something of a novelty. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book faster in my life, literally reading it cover to cover without putting it down. For those of you a bit book shy, this might be one to look into because it’s not in a conventional book format, its faced paced and very easy to get into! Another one I’ve found unusual (in a good way) is The Stag and Hen Weekend. This is a flip book, as in you read one side, flip it over then read the other. A couple has their stag and hen weekend at the same time, and you get to read what goes on at each from their perspective. It is so interesting seeing the interlocking storylines, and once you’ve read one part (it doesn’t matter which weekend you start with), you’ll be shouting at the book while you read the next part. Definitely a page-turner, and one for those who are fine starting a book, but struggle to finish it.

Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? Have you got any recommendations for me?


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