My Tiffany Key

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So as I’ve probably said a million times, for my 21st, I got a Tiffany Key necklace. Traditionally, you used to get the keys to the house at 21, so it was kind of symbolic. I’ve always wanted a piece of Tiffany’s jewellery, something understated and classic, but incredibly special. I’m definitely a necklace girl. I have lots of bracelets and rings, but I find I will always come back to a necklace, and I just don’t feel me without one on. 

Anyway, quite a few people have asked me which Tiffany Key I got so I thought I’d show you all. I chose a small daisy necklace with a diamond in the centre. To match the braided trim, I got a 18 inch beaded chain. I really love how elegant and simple the design is, something classic that I will be able to wear forever and remember my 21st birthday. I love it. 

Have you got anything from Tiffanys?


  • Wow that is gorgeous! I have always wanted something from Tiffany's but am yet to get anything! I love the key, it is so cute and what an amazing gift 😀 xo

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Very jealous mrs 21! How exciting and what a gorgeous present, so thoughtful. i WOULD love anything from tiffany!

    Hope you're good missy:)

    Lotsa love, Em xxx

  • wow what a gorgeous necklace even the packaging is beautiful! I have just started a new blog and I would be honoured if you could follow me 🙂

  • I treated myself to a ring from Tiffanys a couple of years ago and could barely open the box cos it was so pretty! Your necklace is lovely!

  • This is so pretty and so apt for a 21st birthday. I'm not lucky enough to have anything from Tiffany, yet! x

  • Oh it's beautiful! I'm so jealous 🙁
    I'm yet to own anything from Tiff's. hoping my bf will get me a ring from there in the future 😉 haha xo

  • That is really pretty xx