My Tiffany Key

 photo 85eb5dd7-6c85-4245-8b07-8a9d5ebad3c5.jpg

So as I’ve probably said a million times, for my 21st, I got a Tiffany Key necklace. Traditionally, you used to get the keys to the house at 21, so it was kind of symbolic. I’ve always wanted a piece of Tiffany’s jewellery, something understated and classic, but incredibly special. I’m definitely a necklace girl. I have lots of bracelets and rings, but I find I will always come back to a necklace, and I just don’t feel me without one on. 

Anyway, quite a few people have asked me which Tiffany Key I got so I thought I’d show you all. I chose a small daisy necklace with a diamond in the centre. To match the braided trim, I got a 18 inch beaded chain. I really love how elegant and simple the design is, something classic that I will be able to wear forever and remember my 21st birthday. I love it. 

Have you got anything from Tiffanys?