Anne Semonin Brand Review

Gentle Mistletoe Shampoo – £21 (*)
The Daily Musts – £24 (*)
Bath Shower Gel in Exotic Verbena – £21 (*)

Before I started blogging I was very much a loyal buyer, sticking to a brand like glue. Nowadays, even though I’m more market savvy and know where to look to get the best results, I’m still quite reluctant to try brands I’ve not seen blogged about. I’ll give them a look, but very rarely go the full way and buy something. I suppose that just highlights the power of the blogging world and the hype that can be created.

When Anne Semonin was at the #northmeetup, I was pretty damn excited. I’ve mulled over the range of Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay for a long time now, but I’ve not really heard much about them. The products are on quite pricey for a blind trial so being offered three to try has given me a real feel for the brand.  Aimed to re-balance stressed and confused skin (which mine most certainly is) all products have highly concentrated natural active ingredients to ensure they work effectively.

Packaging wise, I love the mirrored tops and the hard plastic tubing. You can see exactly how much product you have left, and the mirrored top feels luxuriously understated. I’m also a fan of the packaging of The Daily Musts. The white and silver look very classy together and really make you feel like your using a high quality, top brand.

Now to the important bit, the products. I am absolutely in love with the shower gel, it smells like sherbet lemons! I could happily just sit there smelling it, it’s absolutely divine. I’m not usually impressed with shampoo, its one of those necessities I’m sometimes a bit reluctant to shell out for, but I did really enjoy using this. A little goes a long way and while I didn’t initially think it made much difference, I’ve received a lot more compliments on my hair by just using this. It’s made my hair look naturally healthier and easy to style. I think what I was most looking forward to trying is the Daily Musts, a set of 4 face masks, a sort of sample set of a selection for the full-sized range. I think this is such a good way of testing out a new brand, particularly a skincare brand which I usually judge on the quality of their face masks. Apart from the mineral mask, which I seem to be allergic to, I loved all of them! The gel and exfoliating masks particularly stood out for me, both making my skin look smoother and radiant. The gel mask was especially relaxing and really pepped my skin up after a long night whilst the exfoliating mask is more of an instant gratification mask, perfect if you’ve neglected your skin.

Now I’ve had a taste would I try again? Definitely. I think over the years I’ve realized that if you splurge on skincare you can save on makeup, and I do think high-end skincare is worth its weight in gold. I love the face mask set and am going to keep it in mind for gifts, and that shower gel simply smells far to good not to buy it again. Maybe this will tempt me into trying more brands …

Have you tried anything from Anne Semonin? Are there any under hyped brands you’ve found?


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