21: Haul

I think the title pretty much explains this post, but this is what I was lucky enough to get for my 21st birthday. Like all of these posts on the internet, I just want to say that I am in no way bragging, and purely posting this because I have been asked what I got, and I love reading this kind of post so I hope you do too.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to receive two keepsake glasses from my parents and cousins. I love things like this on special birthdays because you can look back on your birthday in years to come. I’m a massive Tatty Teddy fan, so, like every birthday my mum and dad try to get me something from the range.

I got this gorgeous over-sized jumper, which I think’s from Matalan, from my parents which is perfect for A/W, especially the transitional period in September. They also got a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace, which I had wanted for absolutely ages when we went on a day trip to London.  It’s so stunning that I’ve decided it really deserves its own post haha. Besides getting quite a lot of money from my aunts and cousins, they got me a very very welcome Selfridges gift card which I plan on using to fill up my MAC Pro Palette up a little more.

My parents also tried to get a few beauty bits for me, but they fully admit they have no idea what I’ve got or want to try. Saying that they did so well! I love MUA products and had been meaning to check out their new blush’s so getting all 5 shades was definitely a good choice. I was so impressed that they found Bioderma too. It’s even the limited edition with a pump! I have been trying to get my hands on this for so long, so I can’t wait to finally use it.

This year I’ve really got into scented candles but I am absolutely terrified of flames. I don’t know why, but even during science lessons, I used to hate Bunsen burners. This melt burner from Yankee Candle is the perfect compromise for me. It’s electrical and after you’ve plugged it in and placed a melt in the saucer, it heats up and melts the melt like a normal scented candle so no need for a tea light! I got a massive selection of melts too, and I have such a choice I take ages deciding which one I want to burn next. This is my first taste of Yankee Candles, so if you know any good ones, let me know.

I’d just like to finish this post by saying how grateful  I am to my family and friends for everything I got, I have some real gems to have a play with.