21: Celebrations

Last Thursday (4th July) I turned 21. I thought rather than one extremely long post, I’d split it into two parts, one with what I did to celebrate and one with a sort of haul which will be scheduled for Monday (15th).

I’m quite low-key when it comes to birthdays. I love celebrating them, but I’m not keen on being center of attention. On the actual day of my birthday, my family and I did our usual pilgrimage up to the coast to visit Lytham St. Annes and Blackpool. Every year on my birthday we try to do this, and this year we definitely were in luck with the weather. Thursday was the start of the heat wave the UK is currently experiencing, so it was such a lovely day. I adore 2p machines, probably one of the reasons no one will voluntarily go with me to Las Vegas, I’d come back completely broke! After winning a key ring (WOO!) we had a lovely walk down the promenade. I love that on a clear day, you can see Southport across the bay! We then went to my all-time favorite fish and chips shop, Wheelans. If you’re ever in that area, its definitely worth a visit, its won so many awards, and lots of famous celebrities are huge fans too!

On Sunday 7th July, I had my family meal at a restaurant just around the corner from my house, Rendezvous 1. It’s such a nice place, always amazingly friendly with extremely tasty food, and a relaxed atmosphere that suits celebratory meals out. They also do the best themed nights with entertainment, so it’s well worth a look. How amazing was my birthday cake? A local lady has made all my birthday cakes since I was born and will make anything you design (within practicality of course). Since being young I’ve taken great pleasure in designing my own birthday cakes, and I’ve had everything from a drawing of my dog when he was a puppy, to Steps (the band) and now this. Its a joint cake for my birthday and graduation, hence an icing version of me with my 21st Birthday present, my Tiffany’s necklace. I love it so much.