Summer Feet

I hope its not just me who feels awkward talking about feet? Something about them really does freak me out, but with Summer, its something that needs to be dealt with. My feet get a complete battering, and I will hold my hands up, I don’t look after them. It seems daft really, I must use hand cream twice a day, so not to moisturize my feet seems silly. I play hockey so they are never going to be the prettiest things, but I’m definitely trying to get them in tip-top condition for flip-flops. Yes I am going to wear them despite not going on holiday, it summer and I am going to make use of them in Manchester, even in the rain. I thought I’d talk about some of the products I use, and if they work on me, they will one you.

Heels first.

Flexitol Heel Balm is a really intensive cream. If your feet are really dry, and dare I say it, you suffer from cracked skin, this will do the job. Its really good as a quick fix if you’ve left it to the week before you jet off and are dreading getting your toes out (haha I’m easily amused). You will see a clear difference after 3 days, perfect if your like me and have neglected your feet since you last put your flip flops away.

Boots Gorgeous Feet Rapid Cracked Heel Repair is one of my favorite own brand products. Its less intensive than Flexitol, but still great at adding some hydration to your feet. My heels seem to always be the driest part of my feet, and this really gets them up to an acceptable standard. A tube of this lasts absolutely ages too.

Now on to feet.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius is quite deceiving  Although it says heel in the title, it is actually a moisturizing cream for the entire foot. I find this is good to use when your feet are already in a good condition, just to keep them moisturized and soft. I will admit its more as a pamper for you, rather than a preparation treatment as it doesn’t make any dramatic difference but, like all Soap & Glory products this smells lovely, quite fruity, but nothing too overpowering. I’d recommend letting it soak in over night too because it does take its time.

I haven’t got this product at the moment because I’ve not had time to pop to Lush  but I can’t do this post without mentioning my all time favorite foot cream, Lush’s Fair Trade Foot Lotion. Whilst Soap & Glory’s was more psychological, with this you can see a clear difference from the first application. Not only is this pink (I know my priorities), but it is so refreshing and hydrating, ideal for summer. It actually discovered this in Florida years ago, when I went to a mall with my mum and just needed something for my feet after all the walking at Disney. If its possible to relax your feet(?), this did it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Has anyone else got any foot prepping tips? Let me know


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