Packing Light

Its that time of year again when most of us try and get half our wardrobe into a reasonably sized case without facing extra charges which eat into our duty free shopping money. I’ll hold my hands up, Nelly the Elephant probably packed lighter than I usually do when she went off to join the circus. My friends at Uni take great pleasure in the fact that I moved into halls, with a hired van. In my defense we have one small car and literally could only get my bedding in, but you get the point. Since then I’ve tried to see the error of my ways and now I can at least give advice on how to pack light. OK, so I still don’t practice what I preach, but as they say if you can’t do it, teach it (I don’t entirely believe that saying, but that’s beside the point)! I’m not jetting away this summer but to try and take the stress out of you, I’ve done some outfit planning. Enjoy!

7 nights away = 20 items

the items

the items by thecrownwings featuring a straw trilby

Making use of a plain body con by throwing a denim shirt over it and pairing it with plimsolls can give you an extra outfit. Similarly, varsity t-shirt dresses can be put with heels at evening, as a beach cover-up or loosely tucked into shorts for sightseeing. Using simple items and dressing them up with accessories, everything gets worn more than once, with you never in the same outfit twice and plenty of space for those holiday hauls!

Top tips

  1. Treat one-piece swimwear like bodies and pair them with shorts, skater and maxi skirts for a streamlined, relaxed look. Fringing, cut-outs and mesh sections are especially good!
  2. Heels take up a lot of room, and are usually the main culprits when your case is too heavy. Try limit yourself to two plain pairs that, although won’t have the entire hotel gasping in approval, will go with everything in your case.
  3. Think about what your likely to be doing, and what your likely going to want to wear. There’s no point packing lots of flowing skirts and dresses if your going to be doing lots of hiking. If you hate your arms/shoulders, only packing vest tops or strapless dresses will leave you frustrated. Similarly, if you rarely stray away from the poolside, packing one bikini and 3 pairs of jeans isn’t going to cut it. It’s wasting precious space.
  4. Simple separates may be less than inspiring but will help you use your limited wardrobe to its full advantage. Having tops that go with all your skirts/shorts etc. means you can create a handful of different outfits. 
  5. Lightweight accessories will help to transform otherwise plain outfits. If your a bit unsure about having plain separates, go on a accessories spree to places like Primark & H&M that do lots of cheap, light-weight jewelry which take up hardly any room in your case. Just be sure that collectively they remain light, otherwise it’ll add up on the scales.