With space limited in our bathroom cabinets, products that claim to have multiple benefits can not only save precious space but gain you time too. I’m not usually a massive fan of multi-tasking products, more often than not feeling like they haven’t fully delivered on any of their claims, let alone all of them! Here are some of  my favorite, and a couple of my least favorite, multi-tasking products.

The only multi-functional product for my hair that I have ever stuck with is my raved about V05 Blow Drying Lotion. Whilst I don’t notice the effects as intensely as others may due to having extremely thick hair, it does make a difference. One thing I hate about hair products that aim to achieve a ‘sleek’ effect’ is that they often leave hair flat. This helps smooth hair but still inject some volume so you get the perfect blow dry without damaging your hair through using heated styling tools.

It’s no secret that I love Soap & Glory’s Clean On Me, a shower gel and body lotion all-in-one that helps me get out the door that little bit faster. However, I’m less than impressed with Scrub Your Nose In It. This is apparently a scrub and mask in one but not up to the usual Soap & Glory standard. As a scrub, its average, its abrasive enough to work but nothing special. If you use scrub’s often like I do, the quantity you get for its normal retail price will really hit your purse hard too if you plan to make this your go-to. As a mask I don’t think this works at all. I saw no improvements whatever in pore size or the general appearance of my skin. Even the next day there was nothing different. I don’t know if I’m somehow using it wrong, but for my skin, their are most certainly better alternatives. One product that really does deliver though is This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up(*), perfect for festivals, holidays and those who just want everything in one bottle. Its a really hydrating moisturiser, a primer and a mask in one and a good one at that. The way I use this is instead of my usual moisturiser, and then skip my primer for a lovely hydrating base, I wouldn’t use a moisturiser in addition to it because it would just be a waste of product. Once I take my make-up of my skin is magically soft and smooth, like I’ve had a hydrating mask on. I know you can use this in the conventional 5-10 minute face mask style, but you might as well get all the benefits at the same time! 

Lip products are probably one of the most known about multi-tasking products, with many offering to hydrate and add a pop of colour at the same time. Unlike the majority, Korres Lip Butter has a good level of pigmentation that’s lasts and really melts into your lips. Arbonne’s Lip Moisturiser(*) is such an effective lip balm with the added bonus on sunscreen! Now I personally never think about protecting my lips when I’m working on my tan lines, but it really does make sense to look after them too! 

I’m always dubious of make-up products that can have dual usages, some things I wouldn’t want to even try putting anywhere else than their specified area. Benefit’s Benetint(*) is probably the most well known for this, being both a cheek and lip stain. With a small brush akin to nail varnish, its consistency is similar to a liquid highlighter or lipgloss and works well as both! So pigmented and long-lasting this is perfect for making office make-up ready for the evening. Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades in Way To Glow is also a great one to have in your make up bag. Use the top left shade as a highlighter, each shade individually as a bronzer, or all together for a healthy glow! I use this when my skin is looking a bit dull mid-afternoon, and it just gives me a more fresh look. A lot beauty bloggers rave about e.l.f’s tone correcting powder in warm but I’m not a fan. I find it doesn’t do anything to make my skin look more flawless. I’d try a different shade if it were just that but it isn’t a very good powder either, clinging to dry patches and often looking a bit cakey around the nose. Lastly a relatively recent addition to me is my Ilah Brows Travel Kit(*) and I really couldn’t live without it! Containing 3 powders that could be used for brows or as eyeshadows, a lip balm and a brow balm all in a sleek package, its perfect for slipping into your travel make-up bag! The powders are unbelievably long lasting (completely gym and heat-wave proof) and highly pigmented, you can touch up your brows and create a nice smokey eye at the same time!

Do you use any of the products I’ve mentioned? Have you got any multi-tasking must-haves?


  • I love the soap and glory stuff. Bloggers influence me too much as ought it after loads of people have said it is amazing! Ha. I was pretty impressed too though so its OK! 😛 Fab choices hun and love the blog! Xx

  • I actually love scrub your nose in it, it's the only thing that works on my skin!


  • Great post!
    I adore the benetint! I've never actually owned it, I used to secretly use my mums when I was younger and for some reason have never purchased myself!
    I've used the scrub your nose in it a good few times, and it's not great at exfoliating, but not bad as a mask if I'm having a mega oily skin day xx


  • I really like this post 🙂 I sometimes find posts which talk about products which aren't good even better than ones which rave about products – I was going to buy the scrub your nose in it so don't think I will after reading this! I love soap and glory but do find some of their products to be a bit hit and miss, particularly some of the make-up range.
    Love Holly x //