Diet-friendly Carbs

Carbs are a beautiful thing. They fill you up, give you energy and are generally pretty tasty. But rather evily (word? Is now) they tend to be calorie heavy, salt ridden and full of other nastiness you should try and limit. Now as a massive carb lover, I will happily bulk buy anything claiming to be on the healthy side that allows me to indulge without then feeling annoyed later on. Recently I’ve been trying out some new vitamins and what not to help with my headaches as recommended by the hospital, and stumbled upon Slim Pasta Spaghetti, and Zero Noodles in Holland & Barretts. Easily swayed, I got one of each and  have been loving them ever since. 

Slim Pasta Spaghetti has 15.4 calories in the entire pack. That right, one entire squishy pouch has just over 6 times less calories than a low-calorie pack of crisps. Err what? I’m not saying eat the entire pack but its nice to know if you fancy getting into a carb coma, you can. I am no food/nutrition expert but even I knew this could be because there could be other things making it not so good. However after reading the nutritional table, its rather promising. Free from saturated fat, sugar and gluten and cooking amazingly fast in around 2 minutes. I’m sold.

Nutritional Values for Slim Pasta Spaghetti – A bag is 200g.

Zero Noodles is a similar story. This boasts 8 calories in the entire pack, is free from saturated fat, sugar, salt and gluten and is wheat free! It takes a little bit longer to cook, around 10 minutes, but come on! 10 minutes for guilt free yumminess!

Zero Noodles Nutritional Value – A bag is 200g

I can hear the cogs in everyone’s head turning. Your all thinking what’s the catch? Well nutrition wise their pretty much empty calories. They don’t contain much so obviously you wont get a lot out of them. Similarly they don’t taste of much without some sort of sauce or flavoring and I definitely would not eat them without adding something to them. What they are good for though is for using up anything you having lying around the kitchen waiting to be used up.

The other night I made tea for the family with them and it went down a storm with everyone. I used some prawns, sweetcorn, peas, mushrooms, anchovies, a small pot of stir-in Dolmio Sauce. Served with salad it was really lovely. You could literally pair it with anything though if like a lot of people fish and mushrooms freak you out; chopped up chicken pieces, vegetables, fish, whatever’s in your cupboard really! So while they need something adding to them, and are pretty much empty calories, for carb lovers they are perfect to get your pretend carb fix whilst eating healthy.

They are pretty hard to get hold of, and expensive online. Your best bet is trying at Holland and Barrets where I think a packet was around the £1.50 mark. Expensive for 1-2 meals but when you consider just how low in calories and other nasties they are, may be worth it if you love to tuck into a bowl of pasta or noodles.