Friday, 24 May 2013


When I was 15 I fell in love with designer bags. It was at this time Mulberry really started to appeal to me. I loved the brand ethos and what it symbolises, classic British luxury, and spent a fair few hours procrastinating  on their website. Way back then, my mum said when I graduate from University, I can get a Mulberry bag, but I've got to admit I thought this bribe promise might get forgotten over time. Speed up to 2013, and my parents hadn't forgotten. Although I don't graduate until July 11th, my parents didn't want to award me for what grades I achieve, but on what effort I put in. They said they could see how much work I put into my degree, so no matter what, I deserve my Mulberry. Meet Bernard, my small Bayswater Satchel in Chocolate. I wanted something classic and elegant, and for me, the Bayswater embodies this. I didn't buy it on the high street, I actually went to the Outlet at Cheshire Oaks (and paid quite a bit less), because even I struggle to justify the prices. However, I had fallen in love with the postman's lock and knew a Bayswater was the one I wanted. Now I know Mulberry prices are extortionate for a bag, and normally I wouldn't think it was worth it spending so much on an accessory, but I think its what the bag represents is the bigger think. University for me hasn't been easy. I've suffered from constant illness and pain, only just discovering the real cause was a small brain tumour towards the end of my second year. Having to teach myself the majority of my law degree and still have the prospects of graduating with a high 2:1 in the normal 3 year period is something I am amazingly proud of. For me, my Mulberry is the physical embodiment of everything I've overcome to get my degree, and I couldn't be happier. 

I would just like to add that I am in no way bragging about my amazing graduation present. I am extremely grateful to my parents for buying this me. A lot of people wanted to see the bag I'd chosen from Mulberry so I thought it best to do a post  on it. 

Have you got anything from Mulberry or getting anything special as a graduation present? I'd love to know.

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  1. Oh my goodness that is such a beautiful mulberry you've made an excellent choice there! Congratulations on finishing uni, you must be so proud of yourself especially with the struggles you've faced <3 That bag will always make you think how you can achieve anything now :D
    Love Holly x

  2. how lovely are your parents for not forgetting! well deserved! you picked a gorgeous bag!

  3. Now that is a stunning bag xx

  4. I DEFINITELY need this bag, SO jealous!

    Kelly ||

  5. Wow so so gorgeous. My parents are getting me a cute graduation cap charm for my pandora. I cant believe university is nearly over now! x

  6. Such a beautiful bag and a great graduation present. Congratulations!

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics


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