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MAC Temperature Rising: Bronze Strobe Liquid

I'm not usually sucked into 'limited' collections. Well, actually that's a lie. I am a sucker for limited edition nail varnishes, of which Illamasqua is my weakness (I'm currently writing this on Tuesday, just after ordering Illamasqua's Paranormal Collection - the top coat and Omen to be precise). But MAC's collections rarely appeal to me, surprising since my bank sometimes thinks I am solely keeping them in business (always happy to do my bit for the economy). Whilst everyone was excited over Archie's Girls and the upcoming Ri-Ri collections, I'm a bit meh. When something happens every other month, it's not special anymore. I can't afford it and I find it extremely hard to justify buying an eye shadow or lipstick that is practically identical to one in their permanent collection, that I would never have dreamed of buying in the first place but suddenly want because it's 'limited'.

Rant over I am now going to be a massive hypocrite and start 1 of 5 posts on MAC's newest limited collections,  with 4 on MAC Temperature Rising, and 1 on Extra Dimension (I was weak, I was stressed. I blame exams). As far back as December, I got word of this collection on the grapevine. My attention was initially sparked by the mention of MAC releasing a bronze strobe liquid. If you've been with me since the beginning you will know what a Strobe Liquid preacher I am so a bronzing version seemed to be a summer must-have for me.

MAC Bronze Strobe Liquid
MAC Strobe Liquid Bronze - RRP £22.50

Packaging wise it's identical to the normal strobe liquid. It's a glass jar with a pump dispenser which lets you control the amount you use and limits wastage  Most of the products in this collection have a beautiful burnished bronze packaging but this doesn't and remains the standard MAC black. I'm hoping that means this is going to stick around in the permanent collection (as Let's Skate Paint Pot did), but who knows.


MAC Bronze Strobe Liquid
MAC Bronze Strobe Liquid
MAC Bronze Strobe Liquid
MAC Bronze Strobe Liquid

The formula seems to be roughly the same, excluding the bronzing nature obviously. It's lightweight and can be used as a moisturizer, primer, highlight. You name it Strobe Liquid will do it. At first glance the shade is intimidating, to say the least with my skin tone. However, it does blend in lovely. There is a slight shimmer, so maybe it's not for everyone, but if you use it purely as a highlighter, it's not an issue. A little does a lot. I used one small pump for an entire hand and a bit of my forearm to test it out. It's easily buildable to use as a highlighter on your face so I'd recommend starting small and working yourself up to the shade you require. As you can see the effect given enhances your skin, reducing the appearance of imperfections and giving your skin a natural glow. This may come as no surprise but the product does have bronzing elements so obviously, if you blend it in carelessly, it will streak (as in the last picture)

Overall  I really love this product. It's perfect for summer or when I've been fake tanning. Worn all over the face, I can really seeing it enhancing the skin's glow and really maximizing a tan. For when I've not got some color, it is definitely wearable, although I do think I'm more likely to reach to the original (even just to preserve my stocks of this). I'm at my palest right now as I revise solidly indoor because of hay fever. Although it looked intimidating at the start, blended in and used minimally it gives such a lovely effect and really combats my dull, dry skin. I can imagine paired with a nice coral blush and a neutral smokey eye, it would look incredible. It can be hard to find products that don't cling to dry skin, especially ones that are tan related, but this is perfect and feels so hydrating. If this lasts me as long as my strobe liquid has (it better last me forever if it's limited edition)  it is definitely worth the money.


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  1. I love this product aswell, always in my make up bag!

    Lauren x


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