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MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

I wasn't actually very bothered about the In Extra Dimension collection until I saw it on Temptalia. I then immediately wanted needed three of their eye shadows in shades Opalesse, Triple Impact and Smokey Mauve. Together they make the most beautiful shimmering pink/lavender smokey eye and are colors I am actually missing from my collection and have wanted to wear.


MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review
MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

Lightest first, Opalesse. MAC described this as an Opalescent White with Pink Pearl and I pretty much agree. The collection uses the same packaging as that of the permanent collection, so I may depot these three into my MAC Pro Palette. However, it's the product I love t to look at not the packaging. How beautiful is the design? Although when I swatched the design was still there, I have a feeling it will inevitably disappear (sigh). The formula is liquid-powder allowing for the intense shimmer given by all three shadows. Opalesse is pretty sheer, but makes an amazing highlight, especially for shades such as Girlie and Expensive Pink. Quality wise this lives up to the MAC standard. It is beautifully applied and extremely blendable. The color can be built up slightly, but still remains relatively sheer. As lasting power goes, this hit the 6-hour mark with no creasing with no primer.

Triple Impact

MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review
MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

Admittedly I wasn't wowed with Triple Impact and on it's on I'm still not. However, next to the other three I really does look beautiful so I'm glad I splurged. Like with the other it is relatively sheer, although there is a slight pink/purple tinge to it. MAC describe this as an opalescent lavender with a violet pearl so it lives up to expectations. I do wish this was slightly more pigmented though, on its own, it does appear to be nothing special. The lasting power is around 6 hours and it is extremely workable, the only thing letting it down is its pigmentation.

Smokey Mauve

MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review
MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Review

This is the shade that initially caught my eye. As soon as I saw it I needed it in my life, and then naturally the two complementary shades. Described as a mid-tone cool mauve Smokey Mauve is breathtaking both in the pan and on the eye in the crease. It is incredibly pigmented and appears to have a brown undertone in a swatch, but on the eye blended in with the others, it looks identical to the pan.  Like with all of this range, it lasts around 6 hours before any creasing occurs without a primer, and could most likely be prolonged with the use of one. I am in love with this color and recommend it for anyone, especially those with blue/green eyes, as it really makes them pop.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These look sooo pretty. Every time I'm in back I swatch at least one of them. Great pictures!



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