Bittersweet London

Bittersweet London Summer Raspberry Kiwi Sweets (*) – £5.95

I’m always on the look out for items I could give as gifts. Something that’s nicely packaged and universally appealing whilst being affordable to be given for small thank you presents, stocking fillers etc. Bittersweet London are the perfect treat everyone can enjoy.  Offering goodies including Marshmallows, gum and mints, all products are sugar free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Usually this means that the sweets will taste of nothing, but that’s far from it in this case. Unless you read it on the box, you wouldn’t know that your actually being ‘good’. They are absolutely delicious and whats more low in calories. I can’t speak for all the treats, but per 100g of Summer Raspberry Kiwi there are 239 calories. Seeing as you would only have a couple in one go, these are the perfect thing to give into your sweet tooth without compromising your healthy lifestyle. Adding that the packaging is so lovely (I am obsessed with the flower-esque top and opening) and it makes the perfect token of appreciation for any occasion.

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