Magpie Moment

vintage inspired necklace

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Marks & Spencer Statement Necklace – £25

My childhood nickname was Magpie. No guessing anything remotely shiny I wanted. One of my favorite presents was a foam cat that you stuck sequins on pins into. Despite looking more like snow white, I was a big fan of Ariel and her cave of treasure. While a lot of people grow out of this, my attraction to glitter and sparkle is still going strong.

When I was out shopping one Sunday in Bolton with my mum I spotted this gem (hehe) in M&S. I instantly ran to the till looking like the cat that got the creme  Not only is this a really in season piece with the pastel hues, it’s a statement necklace. I have a complete love affair with statement necklaces. Actually no, a love affair is a phase, this is like a full-blown love of your life grow old together thing. So needless to say this ticks every single box for me. Although I have one slightly similar, the neon yellow version from H&M everyone and their hamster seem to have, I felt this needed a loving home, surrounded by other suitably amazing necklaces. My mum dutifully rolled her eyes and said “When am I ever going to wear it?” and of course I stubbornly replied, “All the time actually”. I was truthful because it’s so easy to style. Under the collar of a crisp white shirt, over a plain winter wooly (why hasn’t it got warmer by the way?!), it adds a bit of glamor to simple outfits.

Unfortunately, I can’t find this necklace on the Marks & Spencer’s website, but I know New Look have some in the same kind of style.