Friday, 22 March 2013

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Sanctuary 5 minute Thermal Detox Mask Review
Sanctuary Face Mask: RRP £10.50
I've said previously that one of my favourite things about skincare is face masks. There is nothing more relaxing that a good old Sunday night pamper session. Lately I've been focusing on deep cleansing my skin, trying to get it in the best condition possible for my graduation & 21st.

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask is basically a deep cleansing facial in a tube. The product is a grey colour, similar to that of the bottle, rather thick and paste like, not too unlike a Lush face mask. I really like the scent, quite like marzipan, but I could see that this would put some people off (although it is only for 5 minutes). The product instantly warms up in your hands to a lovely glow, nothing extreme, to open your pores. I left it on for the stated 5 minutes, and the results were incredible. For cleansing, this is the best face mask I've use. My skin felt amazingly clean, looked so healthy, and pores were smaller! The whole procedure feels so luxurious  it helped make my Sunday pamper session the best its been in a while. I think this is great for a last minute blitz when you have a special event, and need to prep your skin. Although I wont use this every week, when my skin needs a bit of a detox from too much make-up, too little time, this is what I will reach for. This face mask will have a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet.

If you want to try this out, you can get a sachet version for £3 at boots, or the full size is £10.50 from Boots.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Magpie Moment

vintage inspired necklace

 photo necklace2.jpg
Marks & Spencer Statement Necklace - £25

My childhood nickname was Magpie. No guessing anything remotely shiny I wanted. One of my favorite presents was a foam cat that you stuck sequins on pins into. Despite looking more like snow white, I was a big fan of Ariel and her cave of treasure. While a lot of people grow out of this, my attraction to glitter and sparkle is still going strong.

When I was out shopping one Sunday in Bolton with my mum I spotted this gem (hehe) in M&S. I instantly ran to the till looking like the cat that got the creme  Not only is this a really in season piece with the pastel hues, it's a statement necklace. I have a complete love affair with statement necklaces. Actually no, a love affair is a phase, this is like a full-blown love of your life grow old together thing. So needless to say this ticks every single box for me. Although I have one slightly similar, the neon yellow version from H&M everyone and their hamster seem to have, I felt this needed a loving home, surrounded by other suitably amazing necklaces. My mum dutifully rolled her eyes and said "When am I ever going to wear it?" and of course I stubbornly replied, "All the time actually". I was truthful because it's so easy to style. Under the collar of a crisp white shirt, over a plain winter wooly (why hasn't it got warmer by the way?!), it adds a bit of glamor to simple outfits.

Unfortunately, I can't find this necklace on the Marks & Spencer's website, but I know New Look have some in the same kind of style.


Monday, 4 March 2013

milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

milk_shake Conditioning whipped cream 200ml - £9.55

I must confess, when I get samples through beauty boxes, I don't always use them straight away. I add them to my sample box and then if I fancy a change from my usual product, or more usually run out of a product, I have a bit of a rummage. I've actually found quite a few of my favorite products this way. I don't usually talk about samples from beauty boxes because by the time I use a product its usually a while since I received it and everyone time lines will have covered it in beauty box posts. However, there comes a time when some products are either (1) disappointing (2) unique or (3) amazing, and I feel my readers need to be told about them. This is one of those moments.

This leave in conditioner is amazing, it literally ticks every single box for me! The smell is the most amazing scent I have ever smelt. It makes me want to eat the entire canister (obviously that would have a health risk). It smells like really sweet milkshake, a bit of honey thrown in. Its just lush. Secondly, how cool is the foam?! Its like squirty cream! Instantly appeals to me. Most importantly though it leaves my hair feeling so much healthier. I struggle with conditioner because my hair gets greasy quite fast, and leave in ones tend to speed this up. This is really light in my hair though and doesn't make it greasy at all. Plus the smell lingers! You know your on to a winner when you cant stop touching your hair because it feels so good and healthy, and that's what this has done for me. Two massive thumbs up.

If you want to have a go I've linked to the cheapest place I've found this (in the full size) at Hair Trade, but I know you can get it on Beauty Bay too.
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